LEGO Star Wars Micro Millennium Falcon Available at Target

LEGO Star Wars Target Micro Millennium Falcon

The third week of the Target holiday promotions are now underway and for this week you can get the LEGO Star Wars Micro Millennium Falcon polybag. You can get it for free with a purchase of $24.99 or more on LEGO Star Wars products or you can get it by itself for $4.99 each. This micro Millennium Falcon appears to be the same exact build as the one from the 2015 Star Wars Celebration. The only difference is the printed baseplate. If you’re searching for it in store, the DPCI# is 204-00-0266.

  • gwai-lo

    Not worth $5. Thought it was going to be some sort of polybag.

    • Ichabod McCallister

      Agreed…. not worth $5. But I guess if you’re going to buy $25 in LEGO anyway, for free it’s not bad

  • Purple Dave

    I stopped at the Target closest to home after work, didn’t see any, and asked them to check the DCPI. I had literally arrived at the only Target in 50 miles that had zero in stock. Most had over 20, so either someone cleaned them out on the first day (or earlier), or this was the only store in the area that didn’t get their shipment. Funny thing is, a few miles away is the only nearby TRU that didn’t get their shipment of Bricktober TLBM minifigs until the week was half over.

    • Purple Dave

      Oh, BTW, this is a polybag in the loosest sense of the word only. It looks like a model shop kit. It has a clear, resealable outer bag (folds over from one side with a strip of sticky material along the edge). It has a folded insert that doubles as the instructions. And it has a clear bag of parts like you’d pull out of a regular set box. The printed plate is literally the only rare or unique element in the set. The boilerplate only refers to the US and Enfield, and the entire text is English-only. The instructions themselves, and the “cover” image all show the print on the base, but the element list and the box that shows the parts used in that step both show it plain. Two typos have been noted that I’ve seen (one is repeated on the inside. And aside from the print, the stand is nearly identical to the one used on a mini TIE Fighter that I’m pretty sure I got at from the LEGO Store during a sculpture event hosted at their mall (they built a gigantic OT Millennium Falcon about 16′ wide, which I know debuted in Australia at SW Celebration, and may have been retired after only two appearances).

      So I’m pretty confident this was designed and probably packaged in Enfield.

    • My closest store had the same issue. Everything that was supposed to go on that week was already gone the week before.

      • Purple Dave

        You know, other than the pair of Kiss Kiss Tuxedo Batman keychains that I had them pull from the back room for me, I actually don’t remember seeing any of these promos there. The on where I actually bought my Falcons had a little tray with a couple KKTBs, a bunch of Falcons, and a few other small sets. That’s the only time I’ve seen one of those trays. I have never seen the tree (and don’t particularly care), and I can’t even remember what the fourth set was supposed to be.

  • ModifiedJason

    Got one just for the printed base plate. Wish I could buy those in bulk for display purposes, but one is better than none.