LEGO Releases Image of Mystery Instruction Booklet

LEGO Teaser #2

A short while ago, LEGO released another teaser which could be for the supposed LEGO Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon (75192). For this one, they’ve shown off a mystery instruction booklet and says that this one is 2.56 times bigger than one for the the 196 page LEGO Creator Carousel (10257). If you’re counting pages, this very large booklet will have about 502 pages.

This continues the trend of releasing a teaser every Tuesday up until the official reveal of this mystery set. Stay tuned next week for another reveal if this pattern keeps up.

  • PeteH

    502 seems a lot of pages given that 10179 had 316. I think you may be taking the x2.88 size a little too literally.

    • magpie 9

      Look at the picture again, if the carousel is about 200 pages the mystery set looks more than 3x the thickness. I won’t be surprised if it is more than 502 pages.

      • PeteH

        Thicker pages.

        Indeed, they look thicker in the picture.

  • leggot

    new UCS MF will have an interior, and many more pieces

    • PeteH

      We know neither of those things. I merely observe that 2.56 x 196 is 502, and basing an assumption on such a piece of teaser information is deeply flawed; it could refer to mass, surface area or volume, as well as the deeply unlikely scenario of page count.

      • Reaven Veaceslav

        We don’t want another UCS Hoth debacle

  • kaliban185

    Just spoke with the guy at Lego at my local mall and he said his manager has seen the Falcon box and it is 599 dollars.

    • PeteH

      Pretty much as I predicted 7 months ago. If true.

    • Rick Sanchez

      I heard $700 from one of them. or was it $800..? either way, it was too much for a bunch of gray plastic.

  • gwai-lo

    this ucs cloud city will be epic!!!

  • Tony Toth

    The tweet isn’t perfectly clear. Syntax would lead you to believe the “2.56 times bigger” is referring to the manual size, but it could be the number of pieces in the set. 6836 pieces divides by 2670 (pieces in Carousel) more cleanly (2.5602…) than anything you can come up with regarding page numbers or sizes.

  • badbob001

    If the LEGO posting explicitly mentions the page count of the Carousel manual, it makes sense for the ‘2.56 times bigger’ to maintain the same units and not switch to measurements of volume or dimensions.

  • TypoCorrecto

    TLG is trolling the sh*t out of us.

  • Tradisjoner

    Couple of comments:

    This advertising campaign is b***cks. Do TLG think that kids have wads of 100 $/€ lying around? And if the campaign is not targeted at kids, why treat adult collectors like imbecils? Why not just be straight – hey we´re gonna re-release the Falcon, you want it – it´s yours – just give us $800, OK? That would be fair. Big boxes and huge instruction manuals are just – meh.

    (For the record I own the 10179, and will not buy another.)

    I totally understand the business justification based on the current prices of the 10179 on the after market, and the sales of the “new old” death star. Of course TLG wants to make more money and a humongous Falcon seems to be a guaranteed hit. So yeah go for it, just don´t treat loyal fans like idiots.

    Anyway, this version of the Falcon will soon be obsolete, because next year the Han Solo movie is released and the co-star of that movie will of course be the Falcon. There will be new adventures, new technology, new characters, new droids, new radar dishes… So then everyone have to buy a midi Falcon to be complete….