Last fall, LEGO released a new Seasonal polybag, the Witch (40032), which was previously exclusive to LEGO stores and on Shop@Home. Target stores are currently setting up their Halloween section and the Witch polybag is available for purchase. It goes for $4.99 and contains 71 pieces, a great $0.07/piece ratio.

LEGO Seasonal Witch (40032) LEGO Seasonal Witch (40032)


The Witch polybag is a simple build that can be completed in 30 simple steps, 17 for the Witch herself and 13 for her hat. She is mostly green with a grey base and yellow hair. She has a couple of red studs for her eyes and a couple of silver ones for her teeth. The hat is mostly black with a couple of purple pieces. It is removable and you can store some things inside her hollow head. You can see what you have inside her head through her mouth.

LEGO Seasonal Witch (40032) LEGO Seasonal Witch (40032) LEGO Seasonal Witch (40032) LEGO Seasonal Witch (40032)


Overall the Witch (40032) is a pretty nice polybag especially with the number of pieces you get at a low price. It’s a fun little thing that you can display during Halloween or even give out if you’re generous. Now might be your only time to get it, besides Bricklink or eBay, since we don’t see stocked very often in stores and for only $4.99 each, they also sell pretty well. I recommend visiting your local Target stores to see if you can find a couple to pick up.

LEGO Seasonal Witch (40032)

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