Today, All About Bricks has revealed the list for Series 5 of the Animal sets for the LEGO Friends line. Back in August, we reported a list of the Friends System sets as well as the Series 4 Animals of the very popular girls theme. LEGO Friends is still going strong heading into their third year of production.

Animals – Series 4
Turtle’s Little Paradise (41041)
Tiger’s Beautiful Temple (41042)
Penguin’s Playground (41043)

Animals – Series 5

Macaw’s Fountain (41044)
Orangutan’s Banana Tree (41045)
Brown Bear’s River (41046)

System Sets
Sunshine Harvest (41026)
Mia’s Lemonade Stand (41027)
Emma’s Lifeguard Post (41028)
Stephanie’s Newborn Lamb (41029)
Heartlake Juice Bar (41035)
Stephanie’s Beach House (41037)
Sunshine Ranch (41039)
Heartlake News Van (41056)
Heartlake Horse Show (41057)

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