LEGO Star Wars 2015 Advent Calendar (75097)

The LEGO Star Wars 2015 Advent Calendar (75097) has been completed yesterday and there were some things that I liked about it and there were things where I wasn’t too impressed by it.


One thing I really liked about this year’s advent calendar is the little sub-themes the builds were separated into like Tatooine, Endor, and Hoth. Even the flap on the box doubles up as a little playmat featuring the destinations.

A were a lot of the models that I really enjoyed including the Sarlaac, Sandcrawler, Imperial Star Destroyer, and the AT-AT, just to name a few.

All of the minifigures this year were pretty good since we didn’t get a Battle Droid for the first time ever in an advent calendar. Of course there are also some standout minifigures like the homage to the Ralph McQuarrie’s 1979 Lucafilm Christmas card with the R2-D2 and C-3PO minifigures. The other minifigures that I liked were Jawa and the Hoth Rebel Trooper which was a little teaser on the character that we’ll get next year.


There were also some things that I didn’t enjoy as much like the weapon racks we get every year. There were also the ones with the play features which turned to be rather bland like the catapult, the turret, and the Hoth Command Post. Other than that, all the other builds were decent.

I also think the retail price of $39.99 is a little overpriced for what you get but it is a licensed set and that’s pretty much how it’s been since it was first released in 2011.


Overall the LEGO Star Wars 2015 Advent Calendar (75097) is better than I expected and has probably become my second favorite behind the first one in 2011. The mix of minifigures and builds in combination with the three sub-themes is how I came to that decision.

As we got closer to the start of the advent calendar, I’ve seen many, many people on social media asking where to find one. When they were first released in September, I said to pick them up early because they will sell out and LEGO usually does not release more as the season goes on. They were pretty much gone in October online and early November in stores and people who waited on them were pretty much out of luck by the time it started at the beginning of the month.

LEGO Star Wars 2015 Advent Calendar (75097)

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