The LEGO Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles continues with part two of the second episode, The Rancor Pit. If you remember in part one Leia has fallen into the pit and is barely holding on. She is swinging back and forth while the Rancor tries to eat her. The Rancor finally grabs a hold of her and Luke sees that she’s in trouble. He builds a flight of stairs and sticks a bone in the beast and swings away with Leia. Then he tries to close the gate but the buttons don’t work and he force closes the gate on top of the Rancor. Luke and Leia run free temporarily but is captured. In the ending scene, they are whisked away on the Sail Barge and the Desert Skiff. I’m not sure if the story continues next week or if it was like the Umbara storyline where it just ends abruptly. Stay tuned next week to see what LEGO has in store for The Yoda Chronicles.

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