If you go to the Official LEGO The Hobbit site, you’ll find that there are more details and images for the new sets. Starting from now to November 12, LEGO will be releasing images of the sets every Monday. Right now, you can see the details of the An Unexpected Gathering (79003) set.

Gandalf the Grey has invited the Dwarves to Bag End — the Hobbit home of Bilbo Baggins. At first, Bilbo is not happy about cooking for so many unexpected and rude guests! But when they invite him to join their quest to The Lonely Mountain, the Company set out on their epic adventure.

**Update 10/8/12 – Information for the An Unexpected Gathering (79003) set has been released.**

**Update 10/15/12 – Information for The Goblin King Battle (79010) set has been released.**

**Update 10/22/12 – Information for the Riddles For The Ring (79000) set has been released.**

**Update 10/29/12 – Information for the Attack of the Wargs (79002) set has been released.**

**Update 11/5/12 – Information for the Barrel Escape (79004) set has been released.**

You are also able to see details of the characters of the sets. Below are the descriptions of characters:

Bilbo Baggins – Like all Hobbits, Bilbo Baggins enjoys the quiet life in Hobbiton. All he needs to be happy is a full pantry and a good book. A Baggins doesn’t just go running off into the blue. Until the Wizard Gandalf the Grey and thirteen Dwarves turn up on Bilbo’s doorstep, that is. He is invited to join The Company of Thorin Oakenshield in their adventure. Together they must outwit a ferocious dragon and reclaim the Dwarves’ stolen treasure. Can Bilbo become the “burglar” that The Company needs to complete their quest? Without handkerchiefs or regular meals? To everyone’s surprise, including his own, Bilbo’s wit and courage prove that there is indeed more to this Hobbit than meets the eye. His life will never be the same…

Gollum – Gollum was once a Hobbit-like creature named Sméagol. For years and years now, his body and soul have been poisoned by the power of a small, plain, gold ring that he has kept hidden deep in a dark cavern within the Misty Mountains. Gollum does not know about the true nature this Ring. He only knows it is more “precious” to him than life itself. After a chance meeting with an intruder in his caves, Gollum discovers he has lost his “precious”! He suspects, quite rightly, that it is now in the hands of one Bilbo Baggins, a Hobbit of the Shire. And so begins a pursuit that will cross mountains and wastelands, span years and cost many lives until at last, this wretched creature will hold the very fate of Middle-earth in his hand.

Gandalf the Grey – Gandalf the Grey is one of the most powerful Wizards in all Middle-earth. His most trusted magical weapon is his staff. It can be used to cast spells, and it makes for an excellent walking stick. He joins the quest to reclaim the Dwarf Kingdom of Erebor and the long lost treasure from the fire-breathing dragon, Smaug. Along the way, Gandalf finds clues that an ancient evil may have found its way back into the world. To uncover the truth, Gandalf must leave his friends to fend for themselves, as he embarks on a journey that will take him into darkest corners of Middle-earth.

Thorin Oakenshield – As a young Dwarf Prince, Thorin Oakenshield was powerless when his people and country were torn apart by a terrifying, fire-breathing dragon. The Dwarf Kingdom of Erebor was left in ruins. No one came to help the survivors, and the once so proud and noble race was forced into exile. Now, as the strong, fearless fighter and respected leader of The Company of Dwarves, Thorin sets out to reclaim his homeland and destroy the beast that brought such misery upon his people.

Balin the Dwarf – Balin comes from a noble family and is a Dwarf Lord in his own right. He is one of the oldest members of The Company of Dwarves. Wise and gentle by nature, he has been forced to live a life fraught with war and the ongoing struggle for survival. Related to Thorin Oakenshield, Balin is one of his closest, most trusted advisors – but deep in his heart, this wisest and most loyal of Dwarves harbors troubling doubts about the wisdom of The Quest for The Lonely Mountain.

Bifur the Dwarf – Born in the West, Bifur has the rusting remains of an Orc axe embedded in his forehead. That might sound like a pretty cool battle scar to you and me, but it has made talking very difficult for him. And as you can imagine, it makes him pretty feisty at times. He communicates only with grunts and hand gestures. Unlike most of the others in The Company of Dwarves, Bifur is not related to Thorin, nor is he of noble lineage. His family is one of miners and smithies – simple folk with simple tastes.

Bofur the Dwarf – Bofur is endearing and likeable to everyone he meets. But he does have a disastrous tendency to state the obvious and blurt out things without thinking. He loves music, has a fine singing voice, delights in good food and good company and is unfailingly optimistic. Though not especially brave, he will do his best to help those in need. Especially those he counts as friends. Along with his brother Bombur and his cousin Bifur, Bofur joined The Quest for the Lonely Mountain partly to seek his fortune – and partly because he was told the food was free.

Bombur the Dwarf – Bombur is brother to Bofur and cousin to Bifur. (Are you keeping track of all this?) He is also the chief cook amongst The Company of Dwarves. His immense size and voracious appetite often cause problems – and laughter – for himself and The Traveling Party. Despite his size he can be surprisingly effective as a fighter – and woe betide anyone who makes him late for dinner!

Dori the Dwarf = Dori is a distant relative of Thorin Oakenshield. He is the eldest amongst his brothers Ori and Nori. He is also the strongest in The Company of Dwarves, and spends much of his time watching out for Ori, making sure he hasn’t caught a chill or gotten himself killed by Wargs or Goblins. Eternally pessimistic, with a natural tendency to expect the worst, Dori is still quite prepared to risk life and limb in order to get the job done.

Dwalin the Dwarf – Dwalin is a great Warrior. He speaks his mind plainly and is not one to suffer fools lightly. He is fiercely loyal to Thorin Oakenshield, and he has an unshakeable belief in his friend’s leadership. A powerful and bruising fighter, Dwalin’s instincts tell him to distrust anyone who is not a Dwarf. Particularly Elves. Proud, brave and one of the tallest of the Dwarves, Dwalin will bow to none but those who have earned his respect.

Fili the Dwarf – Fili was born into the royal line of Durin. He was raised under the stern guardianship of his uncle, Thorin Oakenshield. Along with his brother Kili, Fili is one of the youngest in The Company of Dwarves. He has never traveled far, nor ever seen the fabled Dwarf City of Erebor. A skilled fighter, Fili sets off on the adventure ahead with little idea of the challenges and dangers that lie before him.

Gloin the Dwarf – Of all the members in The Company of Dwarves who set out on the Quest to The Lonely Mountain, Gloin is the most outspoken and opinionated. He is not afraid to challenge authority. He has a tendency to be quick-tempered, but he is also strong, brave and loyal. Gloin is one of the only married Dwarves in the Company (there being a shortage of female Dwarves in general). His wife is an acclaimed beauty with a particularly fine beard. Gloin is also the proud father of a young son, Gimli, who will later grow up to become part of the famous Fellowship of the Ring.

Kili the Dwarf – Kili is the younger brother to Fili. He is a loyal nephew to Thorin Oakenshield. Carefree and somewhat reckless, Kili has led a charmed and untroubled life to this point. He is quite good-looking, strong, and agile as few, if you ask him. He likes to have fun, and nothing can break his spirit. He is a skilled fighter and expert archer, who trained with weapons from an early age. As one of the youngest in The Company of Dwarves, Kili is determined to make his mark and prove his worth.

Nori the Dwarf – Perhaps the most elusive member of The Company of Thorin Oakenshield, Nori is often in trouble with the Dwarven authorities. So he decides it might be a good time to leave town. He joins the Quest for the Lonely Mountain, not realizing the journey ahead may well lead him into far more trouble than he has left behind. Nobody ever knows just what the quick-witted and wily Nori is up to, except that it’s guaranteed to be dodgy and quite probably illegal. He often argues with his brothers Dori and Ori, but make no mistake of it. He is still deeply loyal and will protect them by whatever means possible.

Oin the Dwarf – Along with his brother Gloin, Oin is a distant cousin of Thorin Oakenshield. A brave Northern Dwarf, Oin joins The Company of Thorin Oakenshield out of a sense of loyalty to his kin, and also because he has a substantial sum of money invested in the venture. Well read, with an enquiring mind, Oin is the healer among the Company, often applying an herbal salve of his own invention – which has since come to be known as ‘ointment’ after its maker. (Bet you didn’t know that before!)

Ori the Dwarf – Ori is the younger brother to Nori and Dori, and a talented artist. He can often be found drawing and writing in his journal. And of course he writes about their journey — through The Wild to the shores of The Long Lake and the slopes of The Lonely Mountain. He is polite, well-bred, and used to being bossed around by his older brother Dori. He is usually very easy-going, but he sometimes surprises his friends with his courage and determination.

Legolas Greenleaf – Although a Prince of the Woodland Realm and a High Elf, like his father Thranduil, Legolas is more likely to be found patrolling the forest alongside the Sylvan Elves of the Woodland Guard than in the Court of the King. Tall and lithe, he is a lethal fighter and fiercely loyal to his father and his people; however, events in the outside world have begun to encroach upon the insular world of the Wood Elves. A growing sense of foreboding forces Legolas to choose between the will of his father and his own conscience.

Mirkwood Elf Chief – The Mirkwood Elf Chief was tasked with keeping watch over the imprisoned Dwarves. However, his love of the Elven wine, produced in the Woodland Realm, gives Bilbo Baggins the opportunity he needs to free his Dwarven companions from their imprisonment.

Mirkwood Elf Guard – The Mirkwood Elf Guard are loyal protectors of the Woodland Realm ruled by their King, Thranduil.

Tauriel – Tauriel is the head of the Elven Guard of Mirkwood. Her name means “Daughter of Mirkwood” and she is exactly that. While beautiful and graceful, she is strong and fiercely dangerous with her daggers, bow and arrow if anyone threatens her realm. As most Elves, she distrusts Dwarves but respects and honors the alliance that has long existed between her people and men. Always guided by her strong sense of justice, she is a beloved leader and a powerful ally to her friends.

Goblin King – The Goblin King is a giant, vain, grotesque creature. He has grown fat and flabby through years of tyrannical rule over the wretched inhabitants of Goblin Town – a ramshackle collection of slums located deep in the caverns of the Misty Mountains. He lords over a horde of Goblins covered in scars and sores. They are scavengers at heart, living off whatever travellers they can waylay in the high passes of the mountains. The Goblin King and his minions manage to capture Bilbo Baggins and the Company of Dwarves. The Great Goblin enjoys tormenting his captives and very nearly manages to bring the Company of Thorin Oakenshield to a nasty end.

Goblin Soldier – Goblin soldiers have a special talent for using and constructing all kinds of tools and weapons. They put them to use either in their cave tunnels, or on their prisoners and slaves. They need a strong leader who can control and direct their blunt force, or they will just as easily turn on each other. They’re not lazy by nature — just incredibly filthy.

Yazneg – A brute Orc who has perfected all the wits and charms that come with that title. Red-eyed and mean as a devil, Yazneg pummels all creatures great and small that have the misfortune to cross his path.

Hunter Orc – The Hunter Orcs that roam the lands east of The Misty Mountains are a particularly aggressive kind of Orc. Wild hunters who don’t really mind much what prey they’re after — Hobbits, animals, men — they’re not picky eaters. Mounted on hoards of vicious Wargs, they can quickly cover and control large territories.

Wargs – Evil wolf-like beasts that make life miserable for all decent creatures east of The Misty Mountains. Driven by insatiable hunger and pure survival instinct, Wargs are a fine match for their Orc riders. They roam in packs and will attack anything that looks like a potential meal.

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