As you may or may not know, I am part of the LEGO Ambassador Network and from time to time there are workgroups where input is needed from members of the LAN as well as from the LEGO community. Below are some of the questions that were presented to us and LEGO would like some input on the current state of the LEGO VIP program. You can either answer anonymously or with your login below. Please answer seriously and honestly to your ability. Thanks for your help!

1) Please describe how you and your family make use of the VIP program today.

2) Please identify the key benefits the LEGO VIP program provide for your family as a whole.

3) How does the VIP program influence your and your family’s LEGO experiences, such as the LEGO sets and themes you are interested in?

4) Please brainstorm ideas related to additional experiences family oriented VIP members would like access to.

5) Please look into how family oriented VIP members would want to be treated as a VIP when they come to the LEGO store, call the contact center and otherwise get into contact with the LEGO Group.

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