LEGO VIP 2019-2

The new LEGO VIP Program has been running for a few weeks and it has been met with mixed reactions in the fan community. One of the downsides it had when you redeemed a reward was that you had only 30 days to use it or else your points and rewards were lost forever. LEGO has made a change to this and has extended it from 30 days to 60 days to give you flexibility on when you can use it. As of this writing, the terms still haven’t been changed so I would suggest waiting after it has been changed before you redeem anything.

We’ve listened to our fans and are extending the reward redemption terms from 30 days to 60 days. This includes discount rewards in our LEGO Stores, for phone orders, and on Please be patient as we work to change the terms on the VIP Rewards Center. There may be some exclusions to this policy, such as rewards that are redeemable with our partners or where legally we cannot change the terms (i.e. sweepstakes).

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