Ace over at FBTB has now confirmed a majority of the details on how LEGO will be giving away their exclusive minifigures at San Diego Comic Con 2014. We knew of some of the details a few days ago such as the staff using an iPad for the ticketing process and attendees entering once a day.

The giveaways start at 12:30pm in the Sails Pavilion. There will be multiple iPads stations so the you can choose which one you want to test your luck on. If you are a winner, you will be going to another line to claim whatever prize that day is for. If you’re not a winner, you can try again the next day. There will be about 1,750 of each minifigure given out each day which is a lot more than last year so your chances of winning are a lot higher. Children’s badges don’t have barcodes so you will need a parent to be there with them. Both the parent and child can enter too with the parent’s badge scanned twice.

After seeing these details, I’m even more satisfied with the changes from last year. Since there are 1,750 minifigures given away each day, everyone’s chances just got higher. People (scalpers) who put it on the aftermarket probably won’t be getting much for them and they’re probably be more affordable for people who can’t attend SDCC. So I guess all the changes is almost a win-win situation for everybody.