Tim Courtney has updated the LEGO Ideas blog with more migration details when LEGO CUUSOO moved to LEGO Ideas. He has included some cool facts and statistics of the amount of data that was moved to LEGO Ideas. In the three years that CUUSOO was active, there was about 6.3GB of data and about 400,000 images that needed to be migrated over. Tim also provided the following stats:

578,668 User Profiles
283,008 Avatars
60,173 Projects (including drafts)
283,903 Comment “Likes”
1,438,537 Supports for Projects

The post also answered some common questions that people had of the changes to LEGO Ideas. Since websites are always evolving, LEGO Ideas is built using a responsive design which means that the site will resize automatically whether you’re on desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.

As we mentioned before, projects now have a year to reach 10,000 supporters. This is to, as Tim states, “create urgency, enthusiasm, and raise the bar to be considered as a potential LEGO product.” This point of emphasis encourages people to reach out to others to help promote their project.

A big change to LEGO Ideas is that projects can no longer be edited, only updated. Before on CUUSOO, you could edit the project endlessly and sometimes to the point where the end project would be totally different from the original idea. The project also kept all the supporters so it made the original supporters confused on which project they were supporting.

You can read more about the facts and changes to LEGO Ideas here. Also while you’re there, feel free to check out some projects and show your support for them.