LEGO Jurassic World Gallimimus Trap Polybag (30320)

Earlier today, the official LEGO Jurassic World Twitter account posted the Gamestop pre-ordericon exclusive for the game which is the Gallimimus Trap (30320) polybag. The exclusive polybag is cool and all but I’m not sure why the polybag is called Gallimimus Trap when the dinosaur being trapped looks more like a Compsognathus (Compy) or even a Coelophysis unless the meat on the trap itself is from a Gallimimus which is what I think LEGO was thinking when they created the set name. Although the bonus doesn’t show up yet on the LEGO Jurassic World product listings on Gamestop, you can still pre-order it and get it.

After doing some more research, I’ve concluded there’s an error with the polybag because the dinosaur included and listed on the bottom right says Gallimimus which is wrong. Gallimimus are toothless according to the official Jurassic World site. Plus they are omnivores but mostly eat plants so they probably won’t go after the piece of meat that’s in the trap. It seems that LEGO went the lazy route and just reused an existing mold and given it a repaint.

Target also has a pre-order bonus going for the LEGO Jurassic World video game and it is the Dr. Wu minifigure that we saw yesterday with the pre-order.

LEGO Jurassic World Video Game Target Pre-Order Bonus Dr. Wu

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