More The LEGO Batman Movie Character Images Found

Polka Dot Man

The news doesn’t stop when it comes to The LEGO Batman Movie. Some internet sleuths have found some new images of a few characters that will be showing up in the movie but there’s reports of them coming in some summer 2017 sets as well.

First we have Polka Dot Man whom fans have been wanting a minifigure of since he was shown in the trailers. Well it looks like it may happen because there’s a rumor that he may be showing up in a future set.

Next up, we have Bane who we’ve seen before. He’ll be in a set that has a six-wheel vehicle of some sort.


Following that is Mutant Leader who is also rumored to be in the Bane set mentioned above.

Mutant Leader

Finally, you may have seen glimpse of them in the trailer but we also have some Flying Monkeys as well as the Wicked Witch. How they will be part of The LEGO Batman Movie remains to be seen but it sure is interesting.

Flying Monkeys

Wicked Witch

Thanks to Dadaw for the email heads up.

  • Jon Houck

    Those images look like they came out of Lego Dimensions.

    • The Anonymous Hutt

      My thoughts exactly. Perhaps the Wicked Witch was trapped in the Phantom Zone?

    • Maybe this is from the Play the Complete Game set which is coming.

      • Purple Dave

        They already have a flying monkey design for Dimensions, and that’s not it. WB owns the classic Wizard of Oz movie, though, so it’s entirely possible that we could see the Wicked Witch appear in the LEGO Batman Movie as a major character.

      • The Anonymous Hutt

        I’m not sure if that was supposed to be sarcasm towards Lego Dimensions or not. Could you please clarify?

        • No, it was not. I’m saying there’s a Lego Batman Movie: Play the Complete Game add-on coming for Dimensions and maybe these are promotional shots for that. I’m not sure how that could be interpreted as sarcasm.

          • The Anonymous Hutt

            I thought that you maybe meant…I have no idea now. Urgh, stupidity.

            I assume you mean the Lego Batman Movie story pack? I don’t know why they would have white background images for Dimensions, as Dimensions usually has blue, Vortech-y backgrounds.