If you haven’t seen it yet, a new trailer for Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War was released earlier today and there was a ton of action throughout. At the end of the trailer there’s surprise appearance but many of us who follow the storyline, we already know who it is:



As for the LEGO sets, three sets have already been released in conjunction with the movie:

Black Panther Pursuit (76047)
Crossbones’ Hazard Heist (76050)
Super Hero Airport Battle (76051)

However, there’s also a rumored fourth Super Heroes Civil War set (76067) that’s supposed to come out this summer which we haven’t seen yet. The most likely reason we haven’t seen any images of it yet is probably because to conceal the identity of said surprise character until the new trailer came out. Hopefully we see something soon and it’ll be what fans were waiting for.

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