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Marvel Releases More LEGO Variant Covers


Uncanny Avengers #1

Marvel has released two more LEGO variant covers to promote the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes video game. These renditions are by Marvel artist Leonel Castellani. Above, you can see the homage cover of Secret Avengers #10 which features Deadpool for Uncanny Avengers #1 and Castellani’s homage to Marvel Super Heroes #20 shows Fantastic Four #13 cover of Dr. Doom. These comics along with other various others in LEGO variant covers will be available in September.

Marvel Super Heroes #20

Update: Comic Book Resources has revealed two additional variant covers. One is for Uncanny Avengers #12 and the other is Mighty Avengers #1. Both are drawn by Castellani paying homage to Jim Lee and Steve Ditko’s original covers.

Uncanny Avengers #12

Mighty Avengers #1


LEGO The Hobbit 2013 Set Names Revealed


The Hobbit - Lake Town Chase

Brickset forum member, dashofdashing has provided a list of the LEGO The Hobbit 2013 sets that will be released later this year based on a “reliable source”. Of course, we already knew about the Lake Town Chase (79013) when it was announced at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con and was available for showing to the public during the third day. These sets are based on the second film in the three part Hobbit film adaptation, The Desolation of Smaug. There’s no additional details as of this time but we’re sure that more information will be revealed as we get closer to the release date.

Dol Guldur Ambush (79011) – £19.99

Mirkwood Elf Army (79012) – £29.99

Lake Town Chase (79013) – £49.99

Dol Guldur Battle (79014) – £69.99


Amazon Taking Pre-Orders For LEGO CUUSOO BTTF DeLorean Time Machine (21103)


LEGO CUUSOO Back to the Future Time Machine (21103)

If you’ve been looking everywhere for the LEGO CUUSOO Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine (21103), then Amazon has the answer. LEGO is now taking more pre-orders of the set through Amazon and are expected to be in stock August 12th. The price of the set is $34.99 and is Amazon Prime eligible. You can get free shipping and no taxes for most states.

Update: It looks like Amazon has temporarily sold out of the pre-orders but [email protected] has some available.


Fallout From Confirmed LEGO The Simpsons News


Disclaimer: The images used in this post are from a proposed LEGO CUUSOO project and not what the official Simpsons sets will look like.

You may have heard by now but this morning, it was confirmed that LEGO will be releasing sets based on The Simpsons theme. This was somewhat of shocking news because all that we heard of it was just rumors. Now that we know there will indeed be The Simpsons sets in 2014, there are also some fallout from this major news.

Over on LEGO CUUSOO, there were projects that were based on The Simpsons theme such as B. Parsons’ project called “The Simpsons Project” that was started on March 16, 2012. We’ll just use this project as an example. If you try to go to the link, you will be greeted with “Project Deleted – This project has been removed for not following the Guidelines” label. Since there will be official LEGO The Simpsons sets coming out next year, CUUSOO has deleted all Simpsons-related project off the site. There are no traces of it anywhere on any major search engines, no cached page, nothing. The only thing that I could find was on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. The last snapshot of it active was on June 27, 2012 so we’re not exactly sure when the projects were deleted or how many supporters they had.

The point is that these projects on LEGO CUUSOO may or may not have passed the review stage if they ever achieved the needed amount of supporters. LEGO was already in talks with 20th Century Fox for an agreement before the project started so it probably would have been a matter of time before the project was deleted. The reason for the deletion was stated as not following the Guidelines but it was probably because LEGO knew that they would probably reach an agreement with Matt Groening and 20th Century Fox.

There is also some controversy in the LEGO Community of the sets. There are individuals who find the TV show offensive, such as having objectionable content and crude humor. Some individuals are going so far as to say “BAN LEGO!!!1!!” because of this. To be honest if you’ve seen any of the shows from recent years, you’ll find that the show has been a little more tamer than the ones in the 90’s. Plus, there are shows out there that are way more controversial than The Simpsons. We already know that the main audience of LEGO are children although it was stated that the sets will be catering more towards teenagers and adults. LEGO will still follow their guidelines for the general audience but there probably won’t be a Moe’s Tavern or Duffman due to the alcoholic content that they bring. There are many other things that LEGO can introduce such as 742 Evergreen Terrace, Springfield Elementary School, or even the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. I really don’t have an issue with the Simpsons as LEGO sets because I think it’ll bring a lot of nostalgia and creativity especially with all the bright colors that are synonymous with The Simpsons. If you don’t like The Simpsons, don’t buy the sets. It’s simple as that. Nobody is forcing anybody to buy them especially with so many other themes out there you can choose from.

As you can see from the points that I mentioned above, there are plenty of issues with an official LEGO The Simpsons theme but there are also good things that come out of it as well. LEGO is a business and we’re all customers. The company will keep releasing themes and sets that they think will make them the most profit. That’s how a business usually works and as LEGO fans in general, we should be glad that we are able to have a variety of themes to choose from. At the end of it all, they’re just simply colored bricks.


LEGO The Simpsons Confirmed For 2014


Back in March, we reported there were rumors that The Simpsons would be coming in LEGO form. Today, the rumors are now a reality. The same Danish newspaper has confirmed that there will indeed be LEGO The Simpsons sets coming in 2014. According to DR.dk with the help of Google translate:

One of the most-loved, arch American families are now emerging as LEGO figures. These are the yellow cartoon family, The Simpsons. We get both Homer, Bart, Marge and the other to look to next year, says Mads Nipper, marketing director with responsibility for product development, marketing and sales of LEGO.

The launch of the characters is a “small product news” in the beginning, but if the reception is strong enough, can quickly turn up the production. It will be a small launch, but it will hopefully be fun and exciting for those who like the Simpsons universe, says Mads Nipper.

At Top Toy with both BR Toys & Toys’R’Us in Denmark, there is no doubt that the new series is going to sell. The target audience for The Simpsons are teenagers and adults, but there are also many children who know them, says product manager at Top Toy, Carsten Nielsen. He has also seen the figures as they appear in the 2014 catalog, and he says that “they are really well made.”

At the 2013 San Diego Comic Con, we were hoping that LEGO would reveal The Simpsons since it was one of the largest entertainment conventions in the United States but it didn’t happen. Then the scene shifted to the just completed Brickfair Virginia. LEGO announced that there will be no set reveals at the event, so strike two. Hope was fading for the rumor but then news came in today that it was true.

The Simpsons is the longest-running American sitcom and has completed 530 episodes so far. The animated television series will be starting their 25th season in September. It also has a full-length feature film under its belt as well. Although there will only be a few sets at the product release, they will feature buildings from the town of Springfield as well as many of the main characters of the show.

Not all new LEGO sets is good news though. Back in March when the rumors started to surface, there were many who were opposed to The Simpsons in the LEGO Community. Individuals were “petitioning” to squash the idea of having the product released. However, by that time LEGO may have already done their product research and started initial production of the sets. Are you excited to hear that LEGO will be releasing The Simpsons sets or are you opposed to the idea?


LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Bonus Models and Release Date Revealed


LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Bonus Models

LEGO has recently revealed 12 bonus models that are designed by a group of MINDSTORMS Community Partners. All of the bonus models can be built with only one LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 (31313) set. They will be available for download via the EV3 Software or by PDF on the minisite on the official release date of the set of September 1st. Remember that when you purchase from LEGO during the month of September, you can get the Mini Volkswagen T1 Camper Van (40079) polybag as part of the company’s September promotion.

ROBODOZ3R – Mark Crosbie
BANNER PRINT3R – Ralph Hempel
EV3MEG – Martyn Boogaarts
BOBB3E – Kenneth Ravnshøj Madsen
MR-B3AM – Kenneth Ravnshøj Madsen
RAC3 TRUCK – Laurens Valk
KRAZ3 – Marc André Bazergui
EV3D4 – Vassilis Chryssanthakopoulos
EL3CTRIC GUITAR – Daniele Benedettelli
DINOR3X – Lasse Stenbæk Lauesen
WACK3M – Martyn Boogaarts
EV3GAME – Ricardo Oliveira


ThinkGeek Build-On Brick Mug Review


Today, I have something a little different for my next review, the ThinkGeek Building Brick Mug. It is not an official LEGO product but can work with the bricks. I got it a few months ago when it was on sale on ThinkGeek’s website. The retail price is $19.99 for the 12 oz mug.

ThinkGeek - Build-On Brick Mug ThinkGeek - Build-On Brick Mug

The ThinkGeek Build-On Brick Mug is dark grey can made from hard ABS plastic and is BPA-free. There are many holes and sockets for various building blocks including LEGO, Mega Bloks, KRE-O, K’NEX, and PixelBlocks. From my tests, LEGO bricks fit on all four sides of the mug although some bricks are a little loose especially if you put 2×2 bricks or larger on the single row studs in front of the mug. The front is even strong enough to hold a whole building. As far as actually drinking out of it, after all it is a mug, any liquid will work. If you drink something like coffee, be sure to wash it right after or else it will stain the mug. It is also recommended that you do not microwave the mug or else you will have a gooey mess. Overall, the ThinkGeek Build-On Brick Mug is a pretty nice accessory to add for your home or office.

ThinkGeek - Build-On Brick Mug ThinkGeek - Build-On Brick Mug ThinkGeek - Build-On Brick Mug ThinkGeek - Build-On Brick Mug ThinkGeek - Build-On Brick Mug ThinkGeek - Build-On Brick Mug ThinkGeek - Build-On Brick Mug ThinkGeek - Build-On Brick Mug ThinkGeek - Build-On Brick Mug ThinkGeek - Build-On Brick Mug ThinkGeek - Build-On Brick Mug ThinkGeek - Build-On Brick Mug

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