Possible LEGO 2016 Set List?

An interesting list popped up over on BrickPicker that could be a potential list of the first-half 2016 LEGO sets for various themes. This list does correspond to earlier rumors of some City and Ninjago sets for next year. The list was scrambled when I looked at it so I tried to organize it into separate themes. If you look closely, there could be a hint to what the next modular set could be. Keep in mind this isn’t an official list.

Updated: Removed

  • Evster

    No more Speed Champions then?

    • risingsun11801

      The retailer where I found the list doesn’t carry the current line of Speed Champions, so it’s possible Lego is making more and it’s not on this list.

    • The Brick Men

      Also, there are themes such as angry birds, Castle, and a female superheroes line which didn’t appear on the list, but will come out. Perhaps more Speed Champions will be released in the spring, just like It did this year

  • Dane M

    I can’t make any sense of the Marvel superheroes list. Does it mean only 1 set based on Captain America Civil War? One based on the Avengers? And two based on comics?

    • Marvelitas

      Well I think that LPP means Licensed Property Product, so yeah I don’t know either. But I am guessing that all 4 sets will be civil war based since a lot of people consider it to basically be a avenger s movie.

  • mathello

    Oh I hope the Corner Deli is the modular! We need another corner and a Deli can have lost of details.

    • Bradley

      It seems so, as the sequence is:
      Corner – Straight – Straight
      and after the restaurant and detective office, we’re due another corner building.

  • Jordy

    Nah, the corner deli won’t be full modular. It’ll be one of the mid-sized modular buildings like the Toy & Grocery Shop and Bike Shop & Cafe.

    • mathello

      Just assuming?

      • Ray Dowling

        Nope its a fact just a small set not modular seen the set number

        • mathello

          Right. I saw the updated list with numbers and prices. It is now a fact. Sad though. A deli would be super awesome.

          • Ray Dowling

            It would . I am super excited no matter what it will be though. No matter how hard I try my modulars never stack up next to Lego,s.

  • Soupperson1

    No Friends, Elves, Girl Junior sets, Disney Princess or DC Girls!?

    • The Brick Men

      Oh, I’m positive they will appear, just later in the year

    • Marvelitas

      There’s no angry birds either, so yeah this list is probably only some of the sets.

    • Found some

      Disney Princess Palace Pets Royal Castle

      LEGO Elves Emily Jones

      LEGO Elves Water Dragon Adventure

      LEGO Elves School of Dragons

      LEGO Elves The Starlight Inn

      LEGO Elves Fire Dragon’s Lava Cave

      LEGO Elves Secret Market

    • Found some

      Friends Birthday Party

      LEGO Friends Party Train

      LEGO Friends Party Gift Shop

      LEGO Friends Party Cakes

      LEGO Friends Party Styling

      LEGO Friends Camp Archery

      LEGO Friends Adv Camp Raft

      LEGO Friends Camp Tree House
      Disney Minnie’s Café

      LEGO Juniors Ariel’s Secret Palace

  • bohrokman

    i am assuming that jc fc wc sc ec stands for jungle cutter fire cutter ect but there is no ice element even in the toa

  • bohrokman

    and who is hunter

  • Erhan Cetinkaya

    Awesome list, but why bo Chima???

  • Erhan Cetinkaya

    Awesome list, but why no Chima????

    • It ended.

      • Erhan Cetinkaya

        Nothing at all, but my focus list for next year is:
        – BIONICLE
        – Creator
        – Castle action theme
        – Mixels
        – NinjaGo
        – Speed Champions (possibly)
        – Star Wara (TFA and Constraction sets)
        – TECHNIC

        Hope it helps!

    • Dane M

      Haven’t you noticed all of them going on clearance?

  • vwong19

    Junior Iron Man vs Loki… Could be interesting if unique minifigures.

    • Dane M

      Yeah, would they do the movie version of Loki that’s been previously released? I kinda think it’ll be a unique one, kind of like the Green Goblin one.

  • Norse Highlander

    Any thoughts on LEGO Castle 2016?

  • Luigidenne3DSGCN

    Park Animals and Ocean explorers? Can’t wait to see where this goes!

  • BalrogofMorgoth

    bring back Lord of the Rings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! most mishandled theme of all time

  • wilfred

    no more Jurassic world i was hoping for a mosasaurus arena

  • jermain burnett

    I hope not Lego movie sold out be disrespected because popular and other people collect all Lego Movie set.

  • jermain burnett

    I wish the Lego have more newer Lego Movie set and make a new Lego movie 2 for 2016.