LEGO City & LEGO Ninjago 2016 Set Rumors

The summer 2015 wave of sets are scheduled to be released soon and that means rumors are starting to pop up about 2016 sets. The first of these rumors is for the 2016 LEGO City sets. A few days ago, legomilk over on Eurobricks has talked about some of the LEGO City stuff including some Fire sets, one of which is a large Fire Station that will go for around €109,99. Other City sets that were mentioned are some small police sets, cars and garage, cleaning sets, and rescue sets. I’m assuming that the rescue sets will be related to the fire station.

Some other rumors for 2016 are for the LEGO Ninjago sets. Again, legomilk give some small details about next year’s wave of Ninjago sets noting that they will be back but with 5 sets. This might not seem like a lot but keep in mind that we’ve gotten a lot of sets this year from the Tournament of Elements wave to the recently finished Morro storyline. We’re not sure what will be going on in 2016 but there have been hints that it might involve pirates next year so we’ll see plus there’s the LEGO Ninjago movie coming in 2017 so I don’t see the theme going away anytime soon.

  • NRD1138

    Do not be so sure to assume that the Rescue sets are not part of a rescue sub theme, which is a bit silly if they have a fire line out IMO. So no Farm or Airport from the sound of things? If it stays that way (and does not make an appearance in the 2nd half of 16) they that will be a bit of a bummer for em.
    Does sound lie another street sweeper is on its way though. Cars and Garage would be interesting as well.