LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Ant-Man Final Battle (76039)

There’s something interesting that came by this morning by our chums at Brick Fanatics regarding the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Ant-Man Final Battle (76039). To summarize, a reader emailed in saying that LEGO has found an issue with the set and as a result, “all orders being held until this is rectified. Currently we envisage all deliveries happening mid June.” There was no mention of what that issue was.

Some of us in the States have already found the Ant-Man Final Battle available for purchase at various Toys R Us stores. One of our readers has purchased the set and noted that “the connector piece for the thorax is really too weak to support the bulk of the build.” They also note that his LEGO Store employee said that it “wasn’t up to quality control standards.” I even reached out to the Brick Show since Stephen did a review on it and he noted that the legs would sometimes fall over if not positioned correctly. I’m not sure if those particular things are what LEGO is referring to but it seems that it’s a wide spread problem if the company has stopped orders because of it.

What does this mean for collectors who already bought one of these early sets before the official release date of June 1st? They could be similar to what people who collect sports cards call error cards which have an unintended flaw to them and may become more valuable in the future. If you did purchase one of these early sets, I recommend contacting LEGO customer service to see what they advise you to do.

Update: There’s now some information about this issue. You can read more about it on our updated post.

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