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Rumored LEGO Harry Potter 2018 Collectible Minifigures List


It looks like there are more rumors coming out for the return of LEGO Harry Potter later this year. As I reported before, it seems there will be a Collectible Minifigures series for the theme and now it appears that there’s a reported list of minifigures of this wave. A majority of characters listed haven’t appeared as minifigure form so that’s nice. This also fits in to the whole Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme that the forums are talking about.

Harry Potter – Accessories: cloak, sorting hat
Ron Weasley – Accessories: cloak, frog, sweets
Hermione Granger – Accessories: cloak, wand, book
James Potter – Accessory: Golden Snitch, broom, Quidditch robes
Lily Potter – Accessory: baby with scar on forehead
Fred Weasley – Accessories: Marauder’s Map, fireworks
George Weasley
Vernon Dursley – Accessories: shotgun
Petunia Dursley – Accessory: letter
Dudley Dursley in Pajamas – Accessories: cake, pig tail
Rolanda Hooch – Accessories: broom, whistle
Bloody Baron
Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington (Nearly Headless Nick)
Gray Lady
Fat Friar
Moaning Myrtle – Accessory: Tom Riddle’s diary
Sirius Black – Accessories: Dog

Like I’ve stated before, this is an unofficial rumored list so take it with a grain of salt until LEGO announces it.

*Via Eurobricks**

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