New LEGO Harry Potter 2018 Set Rumors

With every passing day, there is new information regarding the rumored return of LEGO Harry Potter. As I stated a few days ago, there are supposedly five sets that will be coming out in the wave, three for Harry Potter and two for Fantastic Beasts. It now looks like that Brick Fanatics has new information about the sets that are coming out for this LEGO Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme. The ones for the Harry Potter franchise include:

– Aragog with Harry Potter and Ron Weasley
– Flying Ford Anglia with The Whomping Willow
– Hogwarts Great Hall

The two sets that are for Fantastic Beasts are:

– Newt Scamander’s Suitcase – This is supposedly a buildable suitcase with brick built beasts to store inside the suitcase.

– A new set based on Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.

If these sets are what LEGO has planned for next summer, they seem to be interesting sets. The first two were parts of previous sets but it’ll be nice to see them in a set by themselves. The Great Hall could potentially be a larger sized set. As for Newt’s Suitcase, it’s a compelling concept and I’m intrigued to see how it’s actully pulled off.

All the sets sound cool and everything but they could also be a false trail as Severus Snape so eloquently stated. As always, none of the above is confirmed until they are officially announced by LEGO.

  • Francesco Gavardi

    *whopping willow

  • Very useful information.

  • Glyn Millett

    rumours are a very dangerous thing to listen too

  • Purple Dave

    All makes perfect sense. Another Hogwarts set for the big spenders, featuring a major room that has never appeared in any previous sets (seriously, even the exterior of Hogwarts is probably one of the most produced specific buildings for official LEGO sets, but once you throw in all of the interior sets it’s probably at least double the next leading contender). It also offers a fantastic opportunity to throw in a bunch of missing characters, or provide a full array of matching House-colored outfits. Aragog is popular, and plays well into the whole Fantastic Beasts series. The flying car is one of the very few vehicles they can actually produced, and they’ve only made one very dated attempt at replicating it. Here’s hoping they do a much better job of the car, but not so good that I can’t make a better version.

    For FB, as I said before, the suitcase would allow them to tie into both movies, so while it can technically be branded for the second movie, it can also serve as _something_ that covers the first movie.

    The only problem I see is that two of the three HP sets appear to be set up to exclusively feature Harry and Ron, unless they drop a couple of the professors and such into the Whomping Willow set.

    I’ve never read the books (maybe someday), but I like the movies well enough. I’ve barely bought any of the sets (thankfully never feeling a need to collect the entire run), but the Whomping Willow set is the one I’m most interested in seeing, partly just to get parts so I can build a custom version of the flying car.

  • The King

    I suppose that they will release different part of the castle every year in order to achieve bigger and more detailed version of Hogwarts, as they are doing with the amusement park. If they release one big set the prize will stop many people. They will attract many people with the Great Hall which is the most intriguing part of the castle, later people would want to collect the full castle.