Back in February, LEGO announced that Andrew Clark’s Doctor Who and Compansions project on LEGO Ideas will become an official set. There hasn’t been much or any information, for that matter, regarding the set however Hulk_Smash over on Eurobricks has changed that.

They have mentioned that the set might be based on The Time of the Doctor Christmas special episode of the series with the minifigures being Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi’s respective Doctors, Clara, two Daleks, and a Weeping Angel. The set itself will be the TARDIS interior with the exterior on the end and it can “come off and display as the TARDIS.” The release date will be December 1st and as we already seen from a Toys R Us price tag, the retail price of the set will be $59.99 unless it was marked up but I doubt it was.

Keep in mind that these are only rumors until confirmed by LEGO themselves when they officially announce it, supposedly on September 1st, but Hulk_Smash has given legit information before so the details given could be true. Thanks to Josh for the heads up.

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