Hulk_Smash on over Eurobricks has given details on some of the new 2015 LEGO Star Wars sets that we reported on last week. The details are fairly vague due to the person describing the sets from memory. Again, the details are from prelimary pictures from a retailer catalog.

Imperial Troop Transport (75078) – Similar to the Imperial Landing Craft (7659) from 2007. There are four Stormtroopers.

Shadow Troopers (75079) – Includes a small vehicle. Battle pack includes two Dark Guards which I assume could be the Emperor’s Shadow Guards and two Shadow Troopers.

AAT (75080) – Jar Jar Binks makes his return in a LEGO Star Wars set. There will also be another Gungan minifigure. No mentioning if it’s just a generic Gungan or a major character like Boss Nass or Captain Roos Tarpals. The set also has a Battle Droid. Retail price is about £25.

T-16 Skyhopper (75081) – Comes with some sort of pilot minifigure, a Tusken Raider, and a womp rat.

Geonosis Troopers (75089) – Includes a small AT-RT. Clone Troopers are the same as the Kashyyyk Troopers (75035), but with a sandy brown color.

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