Philly Brick Fest 2014

On September 12-14, Philly Brick Fest LEGO Fan Festival returns to the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center. Check out images of what went on at Philly Brick Fest back in April as well as a list of some of the attractions below. Public attendees can get a special ticket offer here while AFOLs/TFOLs can register here.

  • Brick Fest Derby: Build and race your custom built LEGO derby car down a 35-foot long timed track
  • Inspiration Stations: Add to existing LEGO cities on display
  • Video Game Arena: Have a favorite LEGO video game? Challenge a family member or make new friends in the Brick Fest Gaming Arena
  • YouTube Celebrities: Meet popular YouTube LEGO show hosts from The Brick Show, Your Creative Friends (YCF), and more.
  • Mini Golf: A miniature golf course built to inspire!
  • Brick Fest Theater & Trivia: Watch some of the best LEGO brick films and participate in LEGO trivia all while taking a break from what will be an overwhelming amount of awesome!
  • Build Wall: At Brick Fest, art on the walls is allowed. With over 80-feet of wall space is covered in studs, attendees are encouraged to use bricks to build in three dimensions.
  • Mosaics: Using a colorful variety of 1×1 LEGO bricks, build a piece of art to proudly display for other attendees.
  • The Brick Zone: The Brick Zone is where imaginations run wild as builders are free to create anything they desire. Creativity shines while being surrounded by thousands of LEGO bricks of every shape and size.
  • Shopping: Find new, vintage, rare, and custom LEGO sets and merchandise from one of the many vendors in attendance.

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