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LEGO The Simpsons Springfield by Pepa Quin

Springfield, Brickworld 2014.

Earlier this year, we featured Matt De Lanoy (Pepa Quin) on the site before with his LEGO The Simpsons build of The Android’s Dungeon & Baseball Card Shop as his Iron Builder model. Matt’s been hard at work following that in preparation for Brickworld Chicago 2014 and there, he unveiled the town of Springfield completely in LEGO. His layout included many well-known locations from The Simpsons TV show including Krusty Burger, the Kwik-E-Mart, Moe’s Tavern, and the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. I’ve only shown a few of the builds below but head over to Matt’s Flickr album to see all of his buildings of Springfield.

Springfield, USA

Springfield, USA

Springfield, USA

Springfield, USA

The Kwik-E-Mart

The Krusty Burger

Springfield Nuclear Power Plant


Brickworld Chicago 2014 Recap with Beyond the Brick

Our friends over at Beyond the Brick has released a new video featuring a guided tour of Brickworld Chicago 2014. In the one and half hour video, Joshua Hanlon and Matthew Kay shows off all the MOCs that were in the display hall during the LEGO convention. For those who didn’t have a chance to go this year like me, I appreciate the effort the guys put into the production of the video. For a few of the builds, there will also be in-depth video of the MOC itself as well as interviews with the builders as well. Stay tuned to Beyond the Brick in the new few days as they upload more content from Brickworld Chicago 2014.


Brickworld Chicago 2014 Ticket Discount

If you’re planning on attending Brickworld Chicago 2014 next month, there is an offer for $1.50 off a ticket for the public days on June 14 & 15. The event will be held at the Renaissance Convention Center in Schaumburg, IL and there is 66,000 square feet of LEGO creations that you can see and enjoy.

Some of our friends like Mariann from Model Building Secrets and Joshua and Matthew from Beyond the Brick will be attending Brickworld Chicago so if you attend, maybe you’ll run into them on the show floor. I’ve embedded the Facebook offer below. Click “get offer” and the code will be sent to your email where you use it to purchase the ticket online. The offer expires on June 13th.


Beyond the Brick Brickworld Chicago 2014 Kickstarter Project

Our friends over at Beyond the Brick are going to be attending Brickworld Chicago 2014 in June and they have a Kickstarter project going to help raise funds for them to produce a high quality DVD. The money that is raised will allow the crew to have updated equipment, supplies for the DVD, and the rewards that will be sent out to backers.

  • We’ve also partnered with some luminaries of the LEGO community to offer you a slew of special rewards!
  • Limited edition LEGO Batman comic signed by LEGO comic artist Paul Lee.
  • Two micro castle builds by the talented David Frank and Alice Finch.
  • Have your character rendered in the brick by Iain Heath aka “Ochre Jelly.”

Since they have already reached the base goal of $1,000, there are also stretch goals and rewards such as a Frog Pod by Simon Liu and skulls by Guy Himber of Crazy Bricks.

So what will be included on the DVD?

  • Over 2 hours of high quality edited videos from the Brickworld convention floor
  • One on one interviews with some of the world’s most talented LEGO builders
  • A guided tour of the the whole Brickworld Chicago convention hall
  • Creative LEGO building technique ideas from some of the world’s top builders
  • Video coverage of different convention events like the speed-build and the LEGO grand prix
  • Get an inside peek into how builders prepare and set up for Brickworld Chicago
  • Plus anything and everything else that catches our eye at the convention

For more information, head over to the … Continue

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