Our friends over at Beyond the Brick are going to be attending Brickworld Chicago 2014 in June and they have a Kickstarter project going to help raise funds for them to produce a high quality DVD. The money that is raised will allow the crew to have updated equipment, supplies for the DVD, and the rewards that will be sent out to backers.

  • We’ve also partnered with some luminaries of the LEGO community to offer you a slew of special rewards!
  • Limited edition LEGO Batman comic signed by LEGO comic artist Paul Lee.
  • Two micro castle builds by the talented David Frank and Alice Finch.
  • Have your character rendered in the brick by Iain Heath aka “Ochre Jelly.”

Since they have already reached the base goal of $1,000, there are also stretch goals and rewards such as a Frog Pod by Simon Liu and skulls by Guy Himber of Crazy Bricks.

So what will be included on the DVD?

  • Over 2 hours of high quality edited videos from the Brickworld convention floor
  • One on one interviews with some of the world’s most talented LEGO builders
  • A guided tour of the the whole Brickworld Chicago convention hall
  • Creative LEGO building technique ideas from some of the world’s top builders
  • Video coverage of different convention events like the speed-build and the LEGO grand prix
  • Get an inside peek into how builders prepare and set up for Brickworld Chicago
  • Plus anything and everything else that catches our eye at the convention

For more information, head over to the Kickstarter page to see all they have to offer.