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LEGO Classic Pirates Minifigure (5003082) Review

LEGO Classic Pirates Minifigure (5003082)

Since today is a Thursday, let’s do a sort of a retro review on a newer set. For one more day, LEGO will be giving out the promo LEGO Classic Pirates Minifigure (5003082) with purchases of $75 or more at LEGO Brand Stores and on Shop@Home. Some stores may have already run out of their stock so online is probably the only way you can get it. This set continues the trend from last year where LEGO releases a set dedicated for a classic theme. Last year, we had the Classic Spaceman Minifigure (5002812) and now we have another theme with the Pirates.


Like with the previous promo, the box for the Classic Pirates Minifigure is made of a matte-like material. The design is also the same with the classic LEGO System logo on each side of the box and the year now shows 2015.

LEGO Classic Pirates Minifigure (5003082)

LEGO Classic Pirates Minifigure (5003082)


The contents of the promo box include a sealable bag of parts, a postcard showing off some of the LEGO Pirates minifigures through the years, and the building instructions/history guide.

LEGO Classic Pirates Minifigure (5003082)

The postcard shows a few Pirates minifigures including Captain Redbeard as well as some of the newer ones from this year.

For the instruction booklet, the first couple of pages show you the build while the rest of the book shows you a variety of LEGO Pirates sets starting from 1989 until the present. Did you know there was a LEGO Pirates Advent Calendar (6299) in 2009?

LEGO Classic Pirates Minifigure (5003082)

LEGO Classic Pirates Minifigure (5003082)


The build for the set is mostly a small island … Continue

First Look at LEGO Classic Pirate Minifigure Retro Set

Hoth Bricks has given a first look at this year’s VIP Retro Minifigure Set. Last year, we had the LEGO Classic Spaceman Minifigure (5002812) which included a white Spaceman. For this year, the set will be a Pirates set which includes a Pirate minifigure on a boat mast with a skull flag, a shark, a palm tree, and a barrel. I assume the packaging of the box will be similar to last year with the slide out box and includes a small booklet taking a look back at the Pirates theme.

As for the requirements to get the Pirate VIP Retro Minifigure set, it’s stated on the image of 55€ but for us here in the States, it’ll probably be a gift with purchase of $99 or more at LEGO Stores and on Shop@Home for LEGO VIP members. It was rumored that this set would be happening in July but it doesn’t show up on the July 2015 LEGO Store Calendar so I think it’ll be happening here in a few months. Last year, this promo was in September so I think it’ll be around the same time. What do you guys think of this Pirate Retro Set?


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