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New Change to LEGO Monthly Mini Build Registration

LEGO Monthly Mini Build Change

There’s been many changes to the LEGO Monthly Mini Events the past couple of months with the new registration system and the changing of the dates of when you can register and now, there’s another change starting next month.

Registration for LEGO’s December Monthly Mini Build starts today but there is information about January’s event at the bottom. Starting next month, in order to participate in the future LEGO Monthly Mini Builds, you have to be a VIP member and need a registered email address.

I assume most people who attend the events are already VIP members but if you’re not (I’m not sure why since it’s free), you can sign up here.


LEGO Store June 2015 Monthly Mini Build Event Parrot (40131) Review

Today was the last LEGO Monthly Mini Build at its current state. If you haven’t heard yet, the event will be a little different starting in July with the upcoming changes. For June, we have the Parrot (40131) which consists of 55 pieces.

LEGO June 2015 Monthly Mini Build Parrot (40131)

In my opinion, the past two months LEGO has really hit homeruns with their Monthly Mini Builds with last month being the Koala (40131) and this month with the Parrot. The build is pretty satisfying by starting at the body and moving up to the head and finishing with the wings. The colors are very vibrant much to what a real parrot looks like. The wings are poseable and the tail can move up and down.

LEGO June 2015 Monthly Mini Build Parrot (40131)

LEGO June 2015 Monthly Mini Build Parrot (40131)

Overall, the Parrot (40130) is a great build for June. As I mentioned before, you are now required to register your child or whoever’s attending to be able to attend July’s Monthly Mini Build. If you don’t, you will be out of luck as only who have registered will be able to attend. Plus, you can’t take the build when you receive it. You’ll have to build it there along with the other participants. If you signed up and don’t attend, then you will lose out and won’t be able to receive the build. Registration lasts until the day before the event but I wouldn’t wait to sign up because most likely there won’t be any more spots open by then.

LEGO June 2015 Monthly Mini Build Parrot (40131)


LEGO Store May 2015 Monthly Mini Build Event Koala (40130) Review

LEGO May 2015 Monthly Mini Build - Koala (40130)

It’s another month and another LEGO Store Monthly Mini Build event has gone by. For May 2015, we have a Koala (40130) which has a very similar building style as the LEGO Seasonal Valentine’s Day Teddy Bear (40085) and Easter Bunny (40086) just to name a few. Since this is a mini build, it only has 65 pieces which is about half the size of the other creatures.

LEGO May 2015 Monthly Mini Build - Koala (40130)

The build itself is very simple with the major colors being bluish gray and white with some shades of pink for the mouth and ears. The completed look is pretty cute with a head that spins on a turntable piece. The arms and legs are on hinges so they have some articulation as well. The only thing I didn’t like about the Koala is the body looks a little thin if you look at it straight.

LEGO May 2015 Monthly Mini Build - Koala (40130)

Overall, the Koala (40130) is a nice little build for May and it goes great with the Seasonal characters from last year if you managed to pick them up. Next month’s Mini Build will be a Parrot and it’ll be the last one using the current system of waiting in line during the day of the event. If you saw my earlier post today, there will be some changes coming to LEGO Monthly Mini Build Program where you have to register online to reserve your spot to be able to participate. That means no more lining up during the day of the event. You can read more about the changes in the … Continue

New LEGO Monthly Mini Build Program Changes

LEGO Monthly Mini Build Changes

If you haven’t been to the LEGO Monthly Mini Build events for a while, there’s a new change coming in July that you may want to know about. Normally, kids and their families usually line up for the event. Starting in July, parents are now required to register to participate in the Monthly Mini Builds and if you line up the day of the event without registering, you won’t be able to get one. No rainchecks are allowed either. This change is probably to reduce the traffic at the LEGO Stores. Below is what the flyer that LEGO Store employees have started to hand out today says regarding the upcoming change.

Introducing the NEW Online Registration Program for the LEGO Store Monthly Mini Model Build!”

Starting in July, you will be able to reserve your Mini Model Before you visit the LEGO Store!

What does this mean?

  • No more waiting in line!
  • Reserve your mini model build before your arrival!
  • Improved LEGO building experience!
  • Plan your mini model build according to YOUR schedule!

To register visit July registration open 9am EST, June 1st – 11:59pm EST, July 6th.

In order to participate, guests must be between the ages of 6-14. All guests will be expected to complete the build in the store. Registration is on a first come first serve basis. Stores will no longer accept walk ups on the night of the event.


Reminder: LEGO April 2015 Monthly Mini Build Today

LEGO April 2015 Monthly Mini Build - UFO (40129)

Tonight is the April 2015 Monthly Mini Build at LEGO Brand Stores throughout the US. The event begins at 5pm but get there early if you want your kids to get one since supplies are very limited. As you can see from the image above, today’s build is an UFO (40129). Also be sure to bring your LEGO Passport there to get it stamped as well.

While you’re at the store, make sure you check out the changes at the Pick-A-Brick Wall and new elements in the Build-A-Minifigure bar.


Will the LEGO Monthly Mini Builds Be Continuing in 2015?

LEGO Store September 2014 Monthly Mini Build Event

Today, I have some exclusive information about the LEGO Monthly Mini Build Events for 2015. As you may have noticed, the Mini Build wasn’t printed on the November and December 2014 LEGO Store Calendars. This made people wonder if the event was even happening at all. Fortunately, the Mini Builds will be happening for the December as well.

After that, it is very uncertain whether it will be going on or not next year. I can safely say that the Monthly Mini Build events will continue to be held on the first Tuesday of every month as usual! To create a more “premium experience,” as it was told by a close source, and to keep the crowds manageable, the Mini Builds will NOT be advertised on future LEGO Store Calendars, website, or on the door decal.

With this announcement, I expect the crowds to be somewhat smaller but not much since the regulars will probably still come whether it is announced on the LEGO Store Calendar or not. For those who rely on the calendar to see when the Mini Build events are held, they may might not show up since it won’t say. We’ll see what happens once 2015 rolls around.

What do you guys think about the LEGO Monthly Mini Builds continuing next year but won’t be announced anywhere?


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