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New LEGO Technic & Overwatch Sets Now Available

It’s October and that means there are brand new LEGO sets that are available on [email protected]. First are the two large scale Technic sets with the Liebherr R 9800 Excavator (42100) which goes for $449.99 and the Land Rover Defender (42110) which goes for $199.99.

The two other new sets are for the LEGO Overwatch theme with Wrecking Ball (75976) and Junkrat & Roadhog (75977). The sets retail for $19.99 and $49.99, respectively.

Lastly, the LEGO Creator Gingerbread House (10267) is now available for everyone. It has 1,477 pieces and retails for $99.99.


LEGO Overwatch GameStop Ganymede Building Instructions

Yesterday, GameStop stores held a LEGO Overwatch Ganymede building event to promote the upcoming wave of sets. It was for the classic yellow version of the bird which is the exact same build as from the LEGO Overwatch Play Event from the beginning of the year with the only difference is with the colors. If you’re looking for the instructions for the GameStop Ganymede, a reader has sent in scans of the build. You can also download the PDF here if you want. Thank you to saneps for sending it in.


LEGO Overwatch Wrecking Ball (75976) Review

LEGO Overwatch Wrecking Ball (75976)

The new wave of LEGO Overwatch sets come out in a few days but I’ve gotten my hands on them just a bit early to see how they are. There are only two sets in this particular wave and the first one we’ll be checking out is Wrecking Ball (75976). It has 227 pieces and retails for $19.99. The contents of the box include two numbered bags, the instructions, and a small sticker sheet.


LEGO Overwatch Bastion’s Brick Challenge

Starting today, Blizzard has continued with the promotion of the LEGO Overwatch sets and as a treat, they have also kicked off Bastion’s Brick Challenge. From now until September 30, you can earn some cool LEGO themed rewards for playing Overwatch and watching Twitch streams. For winning nine games in Quick Play, Arcade, or Competitive, you can earn the Legendary Brick Bastion skin in which Bastion is made out of colorful LEGO bricks. Along the way, if you get three wins, you can earn the Brickstion player icon and Brick Ganymede player icon. For six wins, you can get the Bricks Rain From Above Pharah minifigure spray and Reconstruction Mercy minifigure spray.

As with these events, you can also earn brick-themed items in-game by watching various Twitch streamers throughout the event. You can view the full schedule here. For watching two hours, you can get the D.Va spray. For four hours, you’ll earn the Tracer and Widowmaker player icons. For six hours, you get the Genji and Hanzo dragon sprays as well as their player icons. You’ll have to connect your account to Twitch to be able to earn these stream rewards.

As for the LEGO Overwatch sets, Blizzard is having sales on the sets and the Blizzard exclusive Omnic Bastion (75987) is currently half off the regular price.

I’ll be online if any of you wants to play to earn the Bastion skin. Feel free to add me at Tormentalous#1173 and request to join my games. I mostly play the Arcade mode but … Continue

LEGO Ideas Overwatch Junkertown Building Contest

LEGO Ideas Junkertown Contest

LEGO has kicked off a new Overwatch building contest on LEGO Ideas. The objective is to create a brick-built Junker transformation of any Overwatch hero. There will be five winners and one of the prizes will include the exclusive Tracer with her golden guns which are limited to only 250 boxes.

-75970 Tracer vs. Widowmaker
-75971 Hanzo vs. Genji
-75972 Dorado Showdown
-75973 D.Va & Reinhardt
-75974 Bastion
-75975 Watchpoint: Gibraltar
-75976 Wrecking Ball
-75977 Junkertown
-75987 Omnic Bastion Limited Edition
-A unique LEGO Overwatch box with special golden guns – only 250 boxes ever made
-Some epic Overwatch merchandise


LEGO Overwatch Set Pre-Orders at Walmart

LEGO Overwatch Wrecking Ball (75976)

You can now pre-order the two upcoming LEGO Overwatch sets on Walmart with Wrecking Ball (75976) and Junkrat & Roadhog (75977). Wrecking Ball is priced at $19.99 while Junkrat & Roadhog will be $49.99 and they will be available on August 3.

LEGO Overwatch Junkrat & Roadhog (75977)


LEGO Overwatch Fall 2019 Set Descriptions

LEGO Overwatch Wrecking Ball (75976)

LEGO has officially announced the two new LEGO Overwatch sets with Wrecking Ball (75976) and Junkrat & Roadhog (75977) and we also have set descriptions and details for them. It was also announced that there will be a Twitch Rivals Overwatch Tournament sponsored by LEGO on July 25. More information about it including prizes will be announced at a later date.

75976 Wrecking Ball

227 pieces | Ages 9+ $19.99 (USD)
Available October 1, 2019

Immerse your favorite Overwatch® fan in epic missions with this LEGO® Overwatch 75976 Wrecking Ball set. Based on the internationally acclaimed team-based action game, this Overwatch toy set transforms from an iron-clad battle mech to a high-speed ball. A fan favorite, Wrecking Ball is piloted by Hammond, a resourceful hamster who pops up from the cockpit just like in the game. With Quad Cannons and four extractable limbs that fold out when transforming into the mech toy, youngsters will love playing with this instantly recognizable model and Overwatch character. Older fans will be excited to show their passion for Overwatch by displaying the set near their gaming setup for all their friends to see.

-This LEGO® Overwatch® playset features a Hammond hamster figure that can pop up from the cockpit by turning a handle for added fun.
-For anyone who loves Overwatch® hero toys and buildable mech toys, this LEGO® brick-built model can transform from a mech into an epic ball and is packed with authentic details from the in-game hero. Kids and fans will love building this authentic Overwatch model.

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