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LEGO Star Wars UCS TIE Fighter (75095) Amazon Lightning Deal

Amazon currently has the LEGO Star Wars UCS TIE Fighter (75095) available as a Lightning Deal with it going for $156.51 which is 22% off the regular price. There is still a little bit over 5 hours left on the deal so if you’ve been thinking about picking up the set, this would be a good time to as UCS sets rarely go on sale.


LEGO Star Wars UCS TIE Fighter (75095) Confirmed

Back in October, we exclusively revealed that there will be a LEGO Star Wars UCS TIE Fighter coming in 2015. Over on Eurobricks, user TWP has spotted a product listing on SpeelGoed NL which shows the UCS TIE Fighter with set number 75095. This pretty much confirms the information that we’ve received a few months ago. The only difference is that it will be releaed in August instead of during the May the 4th event. SpeelGoed lists the price at €224.95 and my contact told me that it would be around $199.99. The UCS TIE Fighter joins the TIE Interceptor (7181) and Vader’s TIE Advanced (10175) as the different UCS TIE variants in the LEGO Star Wars universe. There’s no word yet on whether it will be based on the original Star Wars trilogy or the upcoming The Force Awakens movie.


The Next LEGO Star Wars UCS Set is a TIE…

The rumor mill has started up as we start to speculate what exclusive sets could be coming out in 2015. Earlier, we reported that the LEGO The Simpsons line would be getting another set.

Cavegod over on Eurobricks is reporting that we would be seeing a new LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector’s Series set. The only thing that they mentioned was a UCS TIE. Since there are many different TIE variants such as the Advanced, Interceptor, Bomber, etc., it’s hard to guess which version it is.

My sources are telling me that the next LEGO Star Wars UCS set would be the TIE/LN Starfighter aka the TIE Fighter. I was also told that it would be priced around $199.99 and would be released during the May the 4th event. If this is true, it’ll be joining the TIE Interceptor (7181) from 2000 and Vader’s TIE Advanced (10175) from 2006 as the TIE variants in the LEGO Star Wars universe.

We’ll see in a few months whether it is indeed be the UCS TIE Fighter or another TIE aircraft.


New LEGO Star Wars Pre-order

The all-new LEGO Star Wars sets for 2012 are up for pre-order today. According to the site, pre-order the items today, and they will ship by January 30. Also, if you order any of the sets through the site from January 1 to January 29, you’ll get a FREE exclusive poster showing the minifigs of the upcoming sets. Personally, I’m excited for the new X-Wing and the Battle Packs.


LEGO Star Wars 2011 Advent Calendar Day 20 – Tie Fighter

If there is major disappointment in the LEGO Star Wars 2011 Advent Calendar, this is it. Any other disappointments before today, forget I said it. The Tie Fighter looks like two black plates stuck on the side of a gray brick. Sure it looks like it, but looks like a very lazy build. It contains 7 pieces and you don’t need the diagram to make it.

Day 20 - Tie Fighter

LEGO Star Wars 2011 Advent Calendar


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