It’s January 18 and that means that The Brick Fan turns nine years old today. For those who have recently found the site, it went by another name when I first started out but had to change it to The Brick Fan and January 18 was the day that domain went live. I’m even surprised that I kept up with it throughout these years which actually doesn’t seem that long. I still remember the day that I got my first LEGO set after my Dark Age and wanted to do something fun with it. And boom, here we are. FYI, it was the LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon (7965).

Last year, it was a terrible year for the world but a lot of you had time to be online more and it marked the best year we had on the site in terms of pageviews and first time visitors. For 2021, we are currently on pace to be even better than last year which is very remark considering we’re only just barely past the halfway point of the first month. I just also realized that we’ve just past 100 million pageviews, a goal that I never imagined hitting!

Again, thank you to everyone who takes time out of your busy day to read something on this side of the internet. It really means a lot that you guys continue to read what I put out there. Even though we’re not the best LEGO news site, we are part of a collective of Recognized LEGO Fan Media so please continue to hit up other great LEGO sites and channels out there as well.

As always, keep bricking on!


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