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The LEGO Movie The Dedicated to Ma & Pa Cop Contest


The LEGO Movie The Emmet Awards

The next contest is up for The LEGO Movie: The Emmet Awards called The Dedicated to Ma & Pa Cop Contest. Build something for your parents or guardians to show how much you appreciate them. Upload your image(s) and see if yours get chosen as a finalist.

This family oriented contest asks you to create something special for your parents out of LEGO bricks that they can use and enjoy. Do not forget to include a heart somewhere in your photo!

The winner for this month will get a full line of The LEGO Movie sets minus the exclusive sets and is entered in the finals.

70800 – Getaway Glider
70801 – Melting Room
70802 – Bad Cop’s Pursuit
70803 – Cloud Cuckoo Palace
70804 – Ice Cream Machine
70805 – Trash Chomper
70806 – Castle Calvary
70807 – MetalBeard’s Duel
70808 – Super Cycle Chase
70809 – Lord Business’ Evil Lair

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