As we know by now, barring any miracles, all of the Toys R Us stores in the US will be closing in a few months and the main questions are will there be any LEGO sales and what will happen to the TRU exclusives. From the memo that I saw at work, all of the current promotions that are going on will finish out and the liquidation sales that people have been waiting for will start soon unless your store was from the initial wave of closings that were announced.

Also on the memo was the “Do Not Liquidate” list which includes LEGO. From what I saw, it pretty much included all of the newer LEGO sets. It has been talked about around the LEGO community that TRU will be sending all their LEGO products back to LEGO themselves and there will be no sales on the sets, at least the more recent ones. It’s nice to finally see some confirmation and stop with the guessing on whether or not there will be LEGO sales during the liquidation.

As for the TRU exclusives like the Bricktober sets or polybags, it’s hard to say what will happen to them at this time. Since LEGO probably has the rest of the year planned out already, they may have to do some reorganizing for the distribution or delay them. For example, it would be weird to send TRU labeled Bricktober sets to other retailers like Target and that won’t happen. It wouldn’t be a surprise if LEGO made a special repackaging without the label for release by themselves or somewhere else but at this point, I have no idea what will happen with the exclusives. I do know that the flocked Funko Geoffrey was supposed to come out next week at TRU but Funko decided to sell it themselves a few days ago and LEGO may follow those footsteps.

As for the liquidation sales, they will start sometime very soon even as soon as this week. The stores most likely have received the liquidation banners already and are just waiting for the signal to put them up. If you still have gift cards on hand, you should use them now but there was a 30 day grace period as of last week.

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