There have been some reports of shoppers who had placed orders on Shop@Home and they received a LEGO Jurassic World poster included with their order in the mail. We first saw the image of the poster when the first official image of the LEGO Jurassic World theme was revealed back in December.

There’s no mentioning of any requirements to get the poster, whether it was attached to a certain theme or if it had any pricing thresholds. I’m also not sure if it is for Shop@Home only or if LEGO Brand Stores will have it too but judging from previous unannounced promos, I believe this promo will only work online. I’ll try to get confirmation later.

I tried testing my theory by putting some items in the shopping cart including some Jurassic World sets and it didn’t show up in the cart so I think it’s just some bonus freebies that LEGO is throwing in to promote the sets along with the movie release next month. I wouldn’t go as far as saying to buy things for a chance to get the poster because I’m not 100% sure about it either. Let me know in the comments if you have recently placed an order on Shop@Home and have gotten the poster as well.

**Via AFOL Man**

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