The LEGO Batman Movie Collectible Minifigures (71017) Feel Guide

The LEGO Batman Movie Collectible Minifigures (71017)

Earlier this week, LEGO officially announced the minifigure lineup for The LEGO Batman Movie Collectible Minifigures (71017). As usual with the Collectible Minifigures, here’s a feel guide for this series. Obviously, I can only go by the images but there are enough indicators for each minifigure to distinguish them. LEGO has changed it up again for this wave and there will be a total of 20 to collect. There’s no word on the distribution per box but I hope to have that info in the upcoming weeks.

Glam Metal Batman

This version of Batman has a guitar that should be easy to feel for. If not, you can also try for the spikes on the shoulder pads.

Clan of the Cave Batman

For this Batman, the spiked club is the only thing this identifies this version of him.

Vacation Batman

The inflatable duck should be the easier thing to feel for with the little duck head. There are also two flat flipper pieces that you could also use.

Fairy Batman

There are a number of things that you could feel for to find Fairy Batman including the skirt, the wings, and the wand.

Lobster Lovin’ Batman

The obvious item to feel for here is the lobster piece as well as the plate.


The easiest things to feel for are the two claw pieces. You can also try for the belt piece if you can’t find the claws.

Zodiac Master

For the Zodiac Master, the only defining items are the fish and crab pieces.

Dick Grayson

His shark repellent accessory is actually two pieces which are the 1×1 tap and round brick pieces.

Nurse Harley Quinn

The easiest thing to feel for her is the large pigtail hair piece which should be very easy to feel for.

Commissioner Gordon

To find Commissioner Gordon, feel for the 2×2 tile piece along with the walkie-talkie.


For Calculator, his large armor piece is a dead giveaway along with the round helmet.


For the Mime, I suggest feeling for the two lightning pieces. Her mohawk is also helpful but not by much.


LEGO somehow continues the trend of having mascot-type character in the Collectible Minifigures series and Orce isn’t any different with the same large Shark Suit Guy mold.

Arkham Asylum Joker

This version of the Joker may be somewhat difficult to feel for. The only things that stick out are the handcuffs and his somewhat spiky hair piece.

Red Hood

The Red Hood could be misleading if you’re just feeling for the armor piece. Confirm it by also feeling for the cylinder piece as well as the two guns.


Eraser can be found by feeling for the 2×2 tile and confirming with the 1×1 round stud and what appears to be a 1×1 round brick.

Barbara Gordon

For Barbara, she also has the handcuffs but sh also has her hat along with the 1×1 round tile.

King Tut

King Tut should be easy to feel for as he has a large headdress as well as a snake and the long scepter.

March Harriet

For March Harriet, the only thing you should be feeling for is the rabbit ear headpiece.

Pink Power Batgirl

Be somewhat careful with Batgirl as she also has a skirt piece although it is different from Fairy Batman. Confirm by also feeling for her Batarang.


LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Spider-Man: Homecoming Rumored Set Details

Delta Customs over on Instagram has provided some new rumored details of the upcoming LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Spider-Man: Homecoming sets. There are two sets mentioned in the post with the first being some sort of bank robbery set. It contains Spider-Man and two robbers who have the words Avengers in their names. The other set mentioned is a car-type set. The minifigures that are said to be in that set include Spider-Man, Vulture with brick-built wings, Shocker, and Iron Man. There aren’t much details to go by but it’s interesting to see what we could be expecting to see next summer. Again, these are purely rumors until something official is released but Delta has been correct in these sort or things so it’s hard to go against.


LEGO Dimensions Adventure Time Marceline Fun Pack (71285) Widespread Issues

LEGO Dimensions Adventure Time Marceline Fun Pack (71285)

If you purchased the LEGO Dimensions Adventure Time Marceline Fun Pack (71285) from Toys R Us and intend to use her in the game, you may want to return it or contact LEGO Dimensions Support as there has been reports of widespread issues with the NFC chip. Basically, the tags for Marceline herself are coming up empty and it contains no data for the system to detect. I’m hearing that this issue is only affecting North America and the ones in the UK seem to be fine.

As far as I know, TT Games has not acknowledged the issue publicly but Toys R Us has issued a stop sale on the Fun Packs and has started pulling them from the floor. The link for the TRU product page has also been taken down. If you see them available for purchase, I suggest don’t buy it until the issue is fixed. For those who just collect the minifigures and have no interest in playing the LEGO Dimensions itself, that doesn’t really matter but for those who do, I suggest contacting support in the link above to see about getting a replacement tag.


LEGO [email protected] Brick Friday 2016 Sales Now Live

The LEGO Brick Friday 2016 Sales are now live over on [email protected]icon. As I’ve mentioned before, the offers for this year include:

– Free LEGO Seasonal Snowglobe (40223) with purchases of $99 or more.
– Free shipping on all orders
– Various sales on select itemsicon. LEGO didn’t send over any details on what the individual items are but there are a lot of sets that are discounted in their respective themes. They don’t show up on the main themes page as of this time but they do show up on individual product pages so you’ll have to find which set you want to purchase and see if they are indeed on sale or not.

In addition, if you’re brave enough to head out to shop at the LEGO Brand Stores, they also have some Doorbuster Sale items that you can save up to $50 off on. These sets include but not limited to:

– LEGO Architecture The White House (21006)
– LEGO Friends Adventure Camp Tree House (41122)
– LEGO Pirates Chess Set (40158)

You’ll also get the Snowglobe set and last month’s Holiday Countdown Calendar (40222) if stores have some leftover, with a $99 purchase.

In addition, Amazon is currently having a huge sale on a lot of sets at this time with some sets that are discounted up to 44%. If you’ve been holding off on purchasing sets, now is one of the best times to pick them up. This also includes LEGO Dimensions starter and expansion packs.

If you’re shopping online, feel free to use the links above as it does help support the site. Stay safe out there and happy shopping!


The LEGO Batman Movie Activity Book Exclusive Tartan Batman Minifigure

The LEGO Batman Movie Chaos in Gotham City Activity Book

Amazon has finally started to release the final book covers for The LEGO Batman Movie and one of the books may be more interesting out of the list. What makes it interesting is that The LEGO Batman Movie Chaos in Gotham City Activity Book will include a new exclusive Tartan Batman minifigure variant. As you can see from the image above, the Tartan Batman minifigure is sort of in a barbaric style with his torso while wielding a sword. You can pre-order the Activity Book now on Amazon and it will be available on January 31, 2017.

Thanks to JoshuaA for the email.

**Via Eurobricks**


LEGO 2016 Holiday Shopping Recommendations

The holiday shopping season has started and surprisingly, a lot of readers have emailed in the past couple of weeks asking me to do a holiday shopping recommendations on what LEGO sets to get for presents. For my guide, I’ll be picking out five sets that I feel would be worth their price and give a short explanation on why I chose that particular set.

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LEGO Super Heroes 2017 Movie Set Rumors

Delta Customs over Instagram has been giving out some details of some LEGO super hero movie sets that are coming out next year. For the Wonder Woman movie, one set that is mentioned will include Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor, and a brick-built Ares similar to Ant-Man in the Super Hero Airport Battle. There will also be some sort of plane build as well.

Next up are some sets based on Thor: Ragnarok. The first set will be some sort of a gladiator ring and has figures of Gladiator Hulk, Thor, Loki, Grandmaster, and a guard. The other set mentioned is a ship build and has a new Bruce Banner about to change into the Hulk, Thor, Valkyrie, Hela, and two henchmen.

Finally, there’s some news about more LEGO Batman Movie sets. The first set has Bane, Mutant Leader, and Batman. The second set is a Scarecrow aircraft with Scarecrow and Batman minifigures. The last set mentioned is a Two-Face vehicle and has at least Two-Face and Batman minifigures.

Although the sets mentioned about are just rumors, Delta Customs has been right before on LEGO news so they’re credible.

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