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LEGO 2013 Castle, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings Images Leaked


Over on Brickshelf, there are images leaked of the new 2013 sets including Castle, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings. The images are marked “Confidential” so I will not be posting them here although I will list the names of the sets by theme as well as the expected release dates. I did not list the sets that we already know of. Head over to Brickshelf to see all the images of the sets listed below. Which set(s) are you looking forward to next summer?

**Update: Looks like the link to Brickshelf was taken down but it is on Flickr. See here.

Update 2: Here are the rest of the images including LEGO City that aren’t in the photo album in the link above.**

Castle – August 2013
Forest Ambush (70400)
Gold Getaway (70401)
The Gatehouse Raid (70402)
Dragon Mountain (70403)
King’s Castle (70404)

Star Wars – June
Jabba’s Sail Barge (75020)
Republic Gunship (75021)

Lord of the Rings – June
The Wizard Battle (79005)
The Council of Elrond (79006)
Battle at the Black Gate (79007)
Pirate Ship Ambush (79006)

Galaxy Squad – July
Crater Creeper (70706)
CLS-89 Eradicator Mech (70707)
Hive Crawler (70708)
Galactic Titan (70709)

Legends of Chima – June
Eglor’s Twin Bike (70007)
Gorzan’s Gorilla Striker (70008)
Worriz’ Combat Lair (70009)
The Lion CHI Temple (70010)

Grand Prix Racer (42000) – March
Mini Off-Roader (42001) – August
Mini Backhoe Loader (42004) – January
Monster Truck (40205) – August
Excavator (42006) – January
Moto Cross Bike (42007) – January
Service Truck (42008) – August
Mobile Crane MK II (42009) – August

Surfer Rescue (60011) – June
4×4 & Diving Boat (60012) – June
Coast Guard Plane (60015) – June
Coast Guard Patrol (60014) – June
Stunt Plane (60019) – July
Cargo Truck (60020) – July
Cargo Heliplane (60021) – July
Cargo Terminal (60022) – July
LEGO City Starter Set (60023) – June
Grand Prix Truck (60025) – June
Monster Truck Transporter (60027) – June

Super Racer (31002) – January
Red Rotors (31003) – January
Construction Hauler (31005) – January
Highway Speedster (31006) – January
Power Mech (31007) – January
Thunder Wings (31008) – January
Small Cottage (31009) – January
Treehouse (31010) – June
Aviation Adventures (31011) – June
Family House (31012) – June

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