LEGO has started to upload official images of a few of the 2016 LEGO City, Creator, and Technic sets to their servers. A few of the sets have also been listed on Shop@Home if you can find the link with them being scheduled for release on December 1. This is probably the first time I’ve heard of 2016 sets being released before Christmas so if the listings are indeed true, there are more options for your holiday shopping. Check out some of the official box images below.


Fire ATV (60105)

LEGO City Fire ATV (60105)

Fire Starter Set (60106)

LEGO City Fire Starter Set (60106)

Rally Car (60113)

LEGO City Rally Car (60113)

Race Boat (60114)

LEGO City Race Boat (60114)

4×4 Off Roader (60115)

LEGO City 4x4 Off Roader (60115)

Ambulance Plane (60116)

LEGO City Ambulance Plane (60116)

Garbage Truck (60118)

LEGO City Garbage Truck (60118)

Prison Island Starter Set (60127)

LEGO City Prison Island Starter Set (60127)

Police Pursuit (60128)

LEGO City Police Pursuit (60128)

LEGO Creator

Super Soarer (31042)

LEGO Creator Super Soarer (31042)

Chopper Transporter (31043)

LEGO Creator Chopper Transporter (31043)

Park Animals (31044)

LEGO Creator Park Animals (31044)

Ocean Explorer (31045)

LEGO Creator Ocean Explorer (31045)

LEGO Technic

Display Team Jet (42044)

LEGO TECHNIC Display Team Jet (42044)

Hydroplane Racer (42045)

LEGO TECHNIC Hydroplane Racer (42045)

Getaway Racer (42046)

LEGO TECHNIC Getaway Racer (42046)

Police Interceptor (42047)

LEGO TECHNIC Police Interceptor (42047)

Race Kart (42048)

LEGO TECHNIC Race Kart (42048)

Mine Loader (42049)

LEGO TECHNIC Mine Loader (42049)

Drag Racer (42050)

LEGO TECHNIC Drag Racer (42050)

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