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Every month this year, there has been a reveal of a LEGO Direct-to-Consumer set, usually around the middle of the month except for The Shield Helicarrier (76042) which was at the end of January. I expect LEGO to do the same in April with their reveal of the rumored Ferris Wheel (10247). One of my reasonings is that according to the May 2015 LEGO Store Calendar from May 13-31, VIP members will be getting early access to a new exclusive set. This date range also corresponds to the date that was provided from the fairly famous list of 2015 set releases and promotions.

For those who haven’t heard about the set, the Ferris Wheel (10247) is rumored to be a companion set to the LEGO Creator Fairground Mixer (10244)icon which was revealed around the same time last year. I know a lot of people really dig the Mixer with all the play features that are included and I’m sure the Ferris Wheel won’t disappoint either. Now we just play the waiting game until the set is officially revealed which could be any time between now and the end of the month.

Do you guys have the Fairground Mixer and will you be getting the Ferris Wheel to go along with it to expand your amusement park?

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