If you’re a fan of LEGO MOCs, then you’ve probably heard of Orion Pax, otherwise known as Alex Jones. We’ve featured some his work on our site including the Masters of the Universe, the Transformers G1 Optimus Prime, and the Ghostbusters Headquarters, just to name a few.

We can now report that Alex has gone CUUSOO, not cuckoo, CUUSOO as in his very first project on the site. He has submitted his model of K.I.T.T. from the Knight Rider series in hopes of getting the required 10,000 supporters needed for review. We also featured K.I.T.T. before but this time you can vote on it on CUUSOO and it could have the potential to become an official set. With all the 1980’s cars becoming real sets like the Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine (21103) and the upcoming Ghostbusters ECTO-1, Alex hopes that his model can join the lineup. Alex’s version of K.I.T.T. is 7 studs wide and also includes a 2×3 red light brick to simulate the Anamorphic Equalizer of the Pontiac Firebird Trans-Am. If you like what you see, give the Knight Rider K.I.T.T. project a vote.

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