darth_tater over on Eurobricks has posted an updated list a couple of days ago on the initial wave of the 2014 LEGO Friends sets. I’m not into the Friends line that much so I’m not sure what fans are looking forward to. From some of the responses in the message board, a few are excited in seeing the news van and the penguin. If you’re a fan of LEGO Friends, what are you excited to see being released in 2014?

Updated 2014 Friends set list here.

Turtle’s Little Paradise (41041)
Tiger’s Beautiful Temple (41042)
Penguin’s Playground (41043)

System Sets
Sunshine Harvest (41026)
Mia’s Lemonade Stand (41027)
Emma’s Lifeguard Post (41028)
Stephanie’s Newborn Lamb (41029)
Heartlake Juice Bar (41035)
Stephanie’s Beach House (41037)
Sunshine Ranch (41039)
Heartlake News Van (41056)
Heartlake Horse Show (41057)

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