LEGO Hamley’s Royal Guard (5005233) Minifigure Polybag Available Online

LEGO Hamley's Royal Guard (5005233)

If you’ve been wanting to pick up the LEGO Hamley’s Royal Guard (5005233) minifigure polybag, you can now purchase it online on their website. Like in stores, it goes for £6.00 each which is a little expensive for what you get but it is an exclusive minifigure. Note that Hamley’s can only ship to the UK and European countries so shipping to the US is out. The only way you can get it is on the secondary market or if you know someone. Speaking of knowing someone, can any of you readers help out in sending me a couple?

LEGO Hamley's Royal Guard (5005233)

  • Matthew

    There’s a black plate included for display – it’s the one that Collectible minifigures come with.

  • Thanks!

    • Hi Allen. Can we discuss this privately? How do I find your email address or shall we DM on twitter? (I’m @sjparis)
      More info: delivery for 2 minifigs from Hamleys to me is £4.95. Then there will be postage to the US. Still ok with the price for the moment?

  • Aimone El Caido

    The delivery prices for European countries are ridiculously high!

  • Jim Knight

    Hi Allen, I work in London so visit Hamleys quite frequently 😉 if your still after a couple let me know.

    • Thanks Jim. I’ll keep you in mind.

  • Andrew

    Thank you for the heads up. I was able to purchase a few and have them sent to my friend in London. He’ll be sending them my way (to the US) once he receives them.

  • Mel Christensen

    I’d like one of these to go with my london architecture heheh