The International Space Station by XCLD is the latest project to achieve 10,000 supporters on LEGO Ideas. A day ago, it was 2100 supporters away from 10k but with the help of Reddit, it hit the milestone a short time ago. This was one of the projects that had less than a month before it would have been archived.

In its current configuration, the set comes with 2 Soyuz and 2 Progress capsules as well as astronaut and cosmonaut minifigures. There are also a lot of play features that you can read more on at the project link above. XCLD has provided alternate sizes of the ISS in case LEGO thinks the original XL project is too large.

LEGO Ideas projects that were grandfathered in from LEGO CUUSOO now have only 26 days to get the remaining number of supporters before they will be archived. You can check out those projects here. The International Space Station now joins The Discworld, Science Adventures, Medieval Market Street, Disney Princess Frozen Elsa’s Ice Palace, Douglas DC-3, and Bricksauria – Tyrannosaurus Rex in a jam packed First 2015 Review Stage.

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