It hasn’t been a week yet into 2015 but there’s already bad news. Remember all those promos that LEGO was having with the LEGO Creator Flower Cart (40140), LEGO Star Wars AT-DP (30274), and the LEGO Friends Mini Golf Set (30203)? I’m sad to say that the first two has pretty much been completely sold out. You heard that right. In fact from what I heard, the AT-DP was sold out probably on the second or third day, even at my local LEGO Store. Below is what a rep from LEGO emailed to one of our readers:

Thanks for getting in touch with us.

I’m so sorry the LEGO® 30274 Star Wars AT-DP is in fact sold out completely. We received such a high amount of orders we quickly sold out of it.

There is a way you might still be able to get the promotional set though! I see based on your address you do have a local LEGO® Brand Retail store close by. I will provide the address and phone number to you so you might be able to give them a call and see if they have one in stock.

So that brings us to the question of did LEGO underestimate the amount of orders they are going to get? To take it a step further, was it a mistake of making the AT-DP available free for any LEGO Star Wars purchase? With that stipulation, any Star Wars purchase would have qualified you to get the polybag including keychains which was a cheap way to get it. Would have it been better if it was available for purchases for $75 or $99 for that matter? Since many people were ordering the new UCS Slave I (75060icon, it would have probably reduced the number AT-DP polybags that were going out with smaller orders that didn’t reach the purchase threshold and the amount available possibly could have been better rationed out.

As of this writing, the Friends Mini Golf polybag is still available. If you’re desperate to get either the Flower Cart and AT-DP polybags, there’s still BrickLink or eBay out there but beware that they will probably be at pretty expensive prices and wouldn’t be worth it by then. Were you guys able to pick up at least one of the three polybags before they were sold out?

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