I’ve gotten a few emails from readers informing me that some images of the new LEGO The Hobbit The Battle of Five Armies (79017) have surfaced. I have seen the images and the reason why I didn’t post them is because there’s an embargo on the images of the sets until October but if you search around some LEGO forums, you can probably find the images yourselves. That doesn’t stop me from describing them though.

The set is pretty much a small bridge with a tower being attacked by a ballista that shoots two projectiles. The minifigures that are included are Thorin Oakenshiled, Legolas Greenleaf, Dain Ironfoot, Bard the Bowman, Azog, and two Gundabad Orcs. The eagle that is also in the set is Gwaihir. Also as mentioned before, the Bard minifigure is the same one from San Diego Comic Con. Probably the best part of the set is the Thorin minifigure with his new torso printing, helmet/hair piece, and gold sword.

As mentioned before in a previous post, The Battle of Five Armies (79017) contains 472 pieces and will retail for about $59.99.

Other things that are seen in the images are the minifigures from the other sets in the wave.

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