To make up for the downtime early this morning, I have some new information about the upcoming LEGO Ideas The Big Bang Theory and WALL•E sets. Many fans have been waiting for any kind information about them but there’s been absolutely nothing so far, until now. This information comes from the same contact who first told us that the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes The Shield Helicarrier (76042), LEGO The Simpsons Kwik-E-Mart (71016), and the LEGO Star Wars UCS TIE Fighter (75095) would be released this year.

For both of the new LEGO Ideas sets, the pricing was said to be at NZD 109.99. What this may mean is that the sets will be the most expensive LEGO Ideas sets to date and will probably be the largest in terms of piece count as well. They also told me that they will be available in New Zealand in September but we usually get the sets a little earlier so I’m thinking around the middle of summer wave sets.

Unfortunately, there is no other information that was given about the sets as well as the LEGO Ideas Doctor Who set. Of course take this information as a rumor but given the track record of our contact who has been correct many times before, I’d say they’re pretty reliable.

Update: Many people have been up in arms over my guess for the price so you can make your own guesses given the NZD that I’ve been told. I did compare pricing of similar priced sets from New Zealand to here such as some City sets and they seem to match up with my guess plus adding in a little more for licensing fees and whatnot.

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