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LEGO Creator Holiday Exclusive Ice Skating (40107) Image Revealed

LEGO Creator Holiday Exclusive Ice Skating (40107)

Brickset has revealed the image for the second 2014 LEGO Creator Holiday Exclusive set, the Ice Skating (40107) scene. As you can see, it’s a small set showing one minifigure sliding down the ice while the other minifigure is playing hockey. I’m surprised that LEGO didn’t use the hockey stick from the Series 4 Hockey Player Collectible Minifigure but instead opting for a brick-built one which looks more like a broom.

The set will be given away for free during Brick Friday weekend, November 28 – December 1 with purchases of $99 or more.


LEGO Store Early Black Friday 2013 VIP Shopping Event Aftermath

LEGO Store Exclusive Holiday Shopping Event

Today, I was privileged to attend the early Black Friday 2013 VIP shopping event at my local LEGO Store in San Diego. I got to meet up with some friends, members of SandLUG, as well as fans of The Brick Fan. When I checked at the front door, I was handed with some goodies including a free Holiday Pick-A-Brick box, a peel-off card with a chance for a $1000 LEGO shopping spree, a LEGO Store VIP bracelet, and a LEGO The Hobbit poster. The event is also available online minus the free Pick-A-Brick box and the peel-off card.

For the peel-off card, there were choices of a free LEGO set up to $16.99, a keychain, and one lucky winner from all brand stores will get the $1000 shopping spree. There might be more choices but those were the ones I heard people talking about. I was lucky to get the free set and I chose the LEGO Technic Mini Tow Truck (9390).

The Hobbit poster features many characters from next year’s The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug sets and is not made from normal poster paper but from a thicker matte material. It is a great poster to frame and hang on your wall. According to the December 2013 LEGO Store calendar from December 8-15, you can get a free poster with any Hobbit set. I’m not sure if it will be the same one as the one given out today.

The Holiday Pick-A-Brick box is the same one as the one given out with … Continue

LEGO Creator 2013 Holiday Set Images

LEGO Creator Holiday Set #1 (40082)

As we reported yesterday, LEGO will be having a couple of promotions during the holiday season. There will be two LEGO Creator Holiday sets that will be given out in October and during Brick Friday Weekend in November. GRogall over at Eurobricks has post the high quality images of both sets. The first Holiday Creator set (40082) will be given out in October and features a Christmas tree lot with a male worker and a female buyer. The second Holiday Creator set (40083), given out during Brick Friday, is a red truck that delivers the Christmas tree and includes a male driver. Both of these sets will be FREE with purchases of $99 or more at LEGO stores and on Shop@Home.

LEGO Creator Holiday Set #1 (40082)

LEGO Creator Holiday Set #2 (40083)

LEGO Creator Holiday Set #2 (40083)


LEGO Holiday Christmas Set 2012 (3300014) Review

Back in November of last year during Black Friday, LEGO was giving away a free exclusive Holiday Christmas Set (3300014) with every $99 purchase. I recently received this set from Richard at Brick Fanatics and am excited to get this set reviewed. The Holiday Set contains 109 pieces an did retail for $14.99 for a short time during after Black Friday. The box contains one instruction booklet, two un-numbered bags, the horse, and a white 4×12 plate.

LEGO Holiday Christmas Set 2012 (3300014) LEGO Holiday Christmas Set 2012 (3300014)


Christmas Haul

Christmas 2011 came and went and boy did I end up with a lot of LEGO sets. I didn’t expect to end up with so much but there were a lot of sales going on and I had to snatch them up. My girlfriend also gave me a couple of sets as well including some great minifigs. As you can see, I did splurge this year. My greatest haul this year was probably the Imperial Shuttle that I got on sale from Amazon. Let me show off the sets individually, the front and the back of the boxes.

Christmas LEGO Haul


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