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LEGO Subscription Box – BrickSwag November 2014 Review

Brick Builders Club November 2014 Box

It’s that time of the month again. The November 2014 Brick Builders Club subscription box is here so let’s take a look at what we get for this month. If you haven’t seen the reviews of Brick Builders Club before, check out the September and October boxes to see what you can potentially get.

Brick Builders Club November 2014 Box

The first item in this month’s box is the guaranteed exclusive t-shirt that you get every month. This one is a light blue shirt and the design is a pile of LEGO bricks with a danger sign. As many of us may have experienced before, stepping on LEGO bricks is not a good feeling.

Brick Builders Club November 2014 Box

The next item is a LEGO Knights’ Kingdom II Catapult (5994) polybag. This set was originally released in 2005 and retailed for only $0.99. The catapult consists of 27 pieces and contains a fairly rare medium blue horse helmet.

Brick Builders Club November 2014 Box

Next is a small temporary tattoo sheet featuring some pirate themed tattoos such as a pirate flag, a mom LEGO heart, and an anchor.

Brick Builders Club November 2014 Box

Continuing on with the Brick Builders Club, we again have some Funky Fig trading cards courtesy of The Mad Stacker. What I like about these cards is the old school feel and the glossy quality they have.

Brick Builders Club November 2014 Box

Brick Builders Club November 2014 Box

Another new item that’s in this month’s box is a foam traffic cone with the caption “Building in Progress.” This is an awesome novelty item that I can have on my desk whenever I’m building and it wouldn’t look distracting.

Brick Builders Club November 2014 Box

Next up is the Brick Builders Club … Continue

LEGO November 2014 Store Calendar Promos & Events

LEGO November 2014 Store Calendar

The November 2014 LEGO Store Calendar is now available and we can talk about the promotions that will be happening during the month.

First is a FREE exclusive 2015 LEGO Wall Calendar with purchases of $75 or more. The cover of the calendar features the LEGO Employee minifigure as well as various ones from the Collectible Minifigures line. Inside the calendar also includes exclusive offers. The 2015 LEGO Wall Calendar will be offered from November 1st until the end of the year, while supplies last.

Another promotion is the second FREE exclusive Holiday Set with purchases of of $99 or more. We already know that it will be a skating scene but there’s still no images of it yet. This offer will only be valid from November 28 – December 1 which is during “Brick Friday”, LEGO’s version of Black Friday weekend.

On November 21, LEGO will be revealing the next exclusive set. I’m going to venture a guess that it will be the LEGO Star Wars UCS Slave I (76060).

If you’re a LEGO VIP member, visit your local LEGO Store on November 22 for special holiday offers.

It is not listed on the calendar but there will be a Monthly Mini Build event on November 4. The build for this month is a Rocket (40104) with a launching pad.

The new Christmas LEGO Seasonal sets will also be available during November like the Santa Set (850939) and the different baubles. Also, if you’re planning on getting any of the LEGO 2014 Advent … Continue

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