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LEGO Dimensions Sonic the Hedgehog Level Pack (71244) Revealed

LEGO Dimensions Sonic the Hedgehog Level Pack (71244)

Over at San Diego Comic Con 2016 for Sonic the Hedgehog’s 25th Anniversary Party, TT Games has revealed the new LEGO Dimensions Sonic the Hedgehog Level Pack (71244). The expansion pack includes the Sonic the Hedgehog minifigure, Sonic Speedster, and The Tornado. The level pack will most likely come out in a later wave than the September one and will probably retail for $29.99.

Game Directors Arthur Parsons and James Mcloughlin over on the Twitch stream has teased that more fan favorite characters from the Sonic franchise will be appearing as well but is keeping that a secret for now. There will be a trailer soon so I’ll update this post when it drops.

Update: The official trailer has been released. In the trailer, you can also see Sonic turn into Super Sonic when the seven Chaos Emeralds are collected.


LEGO Dimensions Sonic the Hedgehog Minifigure Revealed

Earlier today, Mark Warburton from TT Games shared some images of the Sonic the Hedgehog minifigure that will coming out for year two of LEGO Dimensions. As we know by know Sonic the Hedgehog will be one of the new licensed properties that will be coming to the popular toys-to-life genre along with a slew of other characters.

As you can see, the Sonic LEGO minifigure is pretty true to the character with the new molded head piece. He is also shown holding a life preserver piece instead of the One Ring piece as shown at the end of the trailer but this could be just a placeholder. We’ll have to wait and see when the images of the expansion pack are released.

Thanks to everyone who emailed this in from NeoGAF while I was at work.


Another Hint Sonic the Hedgehog is Coming to LEGO Dimensions

LEGO Dimensions has released another teaser video and this time it features Gollum with jumping at what appears to be the One Ring. Nothing too suspicious about that except the caption which says, “When it comes to rings, you don’t get in Gollum’s way. Unless you’re the new guy on the block! Find out who’s headed to Lego Dimensions this Thursday.”

If you rewatch the video, you can see the ring spin slowly similar to how the rings from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise spin. Coupled with the caption, this is hinting towards that Sonic the Hedgehog is confirmed the be part of LEGO Dimensions for Series 2. This was rumored before as expansion pack 71244. Just one more day until we see what LEGO Dimensions will be announcing!


Sonic the Hedgehog Rumored to be Confirmed for LEGO Dimensions

There are some new rumors regarding some of the expansion packs for Series 2 of LEGO Dimensions. CM4Sci over on Eurobricks has reported that one of the packs is “confirmed” to be Sonic the Hedgehog (71244). Of course, nothing is really confirmed until there are there actual details about them but CM4Sci has proven to be a very reliable source of information. Furthermore in the thread, there are strong suggestions that the KR (71252) pack will be based on the Knight Rider franchise.

To give a short roundup of some rumored LEGO Dimensions expansion packs for Series 2, we have the promotional Supergirl from E3, Sonic the Hedgehog, Knight Rider, Jillian Holtzmann from the Ghostbusters reboot, Adventure Time, Harry Potter, Fantasitc Beasts and Where to Find Them, and Teen Titans GO!

I have a feeling we’ll have more information about the next series of LEGO Dimensions expansion packs next month at E3 as well as San Diego Comic Con in July.


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