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LEGO Objects to Toys R Us Liquidation Sales

Toys R Us’ bankruptcy court hearing was yesterday and they’ve announced that the going out of business sales will being Thursday for the rest of the stores with it running until June or earlier if inventories sell out quicker. Toys R Us says they are working to make the maximum payments they can to the vendors as well as the banks as they are starting to close down more than 700 stores. They are also wanting to stop more than $450 million in payments to suppliers which is a move that will hurt smaller toy companies on their books.

According to a report by Reuters, there are more than 50 vendors, including LEGO, that have objected to the liquidation. Obviously LEGO would like to have their products back instead of having it sold at lower prices in order to make payments to the banks. This corresponds to the memo that I reported on seeing the other day that lists LEGO on the “Do Not Liquidate” list but there are also reports that some stores have listed LEGO sets at 10% off which are probably the older ones.


Toys R Us Closing Liquidation and LEGO Exclusives Details

As we know by now, barring any miracles, all of the Toys R Us stores in the US will be closing in a few months and the main questions are will there be any LEGO sales and what will happen to the TRU exclusives. From the memo that I saw at work, all of the current promotions that are going on will finish out and the liquidation sales that people have been waiting for will start soon unless your store was from the initial wave of closings that were announced.

Also on the memo was the “Do Not Liquidate” list which includes LEGO. From what I saw, it pretty much included all of the newer LEGO sets. It has been talked about around the LEGO community that TRU will be sending all their LEGO products back to LEGO themselves and there will be no sales on the sets, at least the more recent ones. It’s nice to finally see some confirmation and stop with the guessing on whether or not there will be LEGO sales during the liquidation.

As for the TRU exclusives like the Bricktober sets or polybags, it’s hard to say what will happen to them at this time. Since LEGO probably has the rest of the year planned out already, they may have to do some reorganizing for the distribution or delay them. For example, it would be weird to send TRU labeled Bricktober sets to other retailers like Target and that won’t happen. It wouldn’t be a surprise if LEGO made a … Continue

Toys R Us Will be Selling or Closing All US Stores

It looks like the sun will be setting for Toys R Us permanently as The Wall Street Journal has reported that the company will sell or close all of its remaining stores in the United States. The news came from CEO David Brandon in a conference call to employees and it will result in about 33,000 people losing their jobs, me included. It was been reported that Toys R Us will file for liquidation ahead of the court hearing tomorrow. I’ve read that Toys R Us Canada will not be affected but Toys R Us UK will be closing their stores as well.

I started a Toys R Us a few years ago during the holiday season and was actually pretty excited for it. It was busy and I remember working long hours but it was worth it to see kids and adults happy. That all changed recently after the company filed for bankruptcy last year. The mood shifted and everyone was on edge thinking when our last day will be. I honestly still don’t know as the conference call happened after I got off work today. I will probably hear more about it tomorrow.

Just the feeling of walking into a legit toy store is different from your other retailers like Walmart or Target whose selection isn’t as vast as Toys R Us. I’m sure you’ve felt the same way as a child and maybe as an adult as well. I’m just sad that my future children won’t experience the same thing unless another toy-centric … Continue

The LEGO Batman Movie The Mini Ultimate Batmobile (30526) Available at Toys R Us

The LEGO Batman Movie The Mini Ultimate Batmobile (30526)

If you’re looking for The LEGO Batman Movie The Mini Ultimate Batmobile (30526), you may want to check out your nearest Toys R Us store as there are reports that they have started to show up there. The instructions show you how to build the regular Batmobile but there are additional instructions for the Bat-Tank and Batwing. The only downside is that you get enough parts in one polybag for one of the vehicles so you’ll have to purchase three polybags to create the complete thing. Like with the larger 70917 counterpart, you are able to connect all three together to create The Ultimate Batmobile.

In addition to Toys R Us, the polybag has also been seen at Fred Meyer as well as LEGOLAND parks/Discover Centers. The only upside to TRU is that they are more widespread than the others, minus the ones that are closing.


LEGO Friends Friendship Flower (30404) Polybag Coming to Toys R Us

LEGO Friends Friendship Flower (30404)

If you missed out on the LEGO Friends Friendship Flower (30404) polybag back during the Valentine’s Day only promotion on [email protected], don’t worry as Toys R Us will be carrying it very soon. While at work today, I came across a box of them that was misshipped to my store which was actually supposed to go to a Toys R Us location. The polybag will retail for $3.99 each and the item number for it is 564017. There’s no word yet on when it will be available.

LEGO Friends Friendship Flower (30404)


Toys R Us Reported to Close Additional 200 Stores

You may have already heard this on the news but The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Toys R Us may close another 200 stores in addition to the 180 that was previously announced last month. This reported wave of closings will cut the number of stores in the US nearly in half. Honestly, I didn’t hear anything about the closings when I went in to work today after I read up on a few articles before going in. Supposedly there was a also conference call to discuss the future plans but I don’t see any articles of the results. I’ll see what information is known when I go back tomorrow.

If the new closings are true, that means it’ll be even harder for LEGO fans to get some of the exclusive items like polybags various sets that Toys R Us carries. It’ll be interesting to see if these exclusives are shifted to other retailers like Walmart and Target. To be fair, even though I work at Babies R Us, I do like shopping at TRU for some of the LEGO exclusives as well other stuff I collect. The only thing that bugs me about this whole thing is the bonuses that go to the executives instead to using this money to reinvest into the company. Maybe that’s not how it works and why I run a LEGO blog instead of a large company.


LEGO Heroes Needed Toys R Us Build & Play Event This Saturday

LEGO Heroes Needed Toys R Us Build & Play Event

This Saturday, February 10 from 12-2pm local time, Toys R Us will be holding a LEGO Heroes Needed Build & Play Event at all locations. Kids will be able to participate in a super hero mask giveaway as well as building with LEGO to create something unique. You can also get a one-day, in-store only coupon for 40% off selected LEGO sets. You can do reservations but you can also just show up as well. The main draw of the even is the 40% off coupon but it also depends on what sets you can use it on.

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