With all the LEGO news that came out this week, I totally forgot all about the date that happened this past Sunday, The Brick Fan turned three years old. The past year has been quite a journey and what a journey it was. What stared out as a hobby site literally became a full-time job last year and it was pretty cool to say the least. Again, I won’t be posting any site stats but you can check out the recap of what happened in 2014 here.

Like with many of these kinds of posts, I would like to sincerely thank all the readers that come by. Whether you’re here for just a certain article post or if you’re a regular reader, thank you. To everyone that have emailed me or commented about anything, thank you. I do enjoy responding to comments and to give people more information about a certain set or minifigure that they may not know about is a good feeling. I believe sharing knowledge is important to the success of anything and this site is my way of sharing what I know.

I’ve made a lot more friends as well as acquaintances the past year and it’s somewhat in part because of this site. It’s actually been a wild ride last year because I met so many new people from everyone at Philly Brick Fest, which was my first LEGO convention, to the people behind the scenes of various LEGO sites like BrickLink. It sounds weird but LEGO not only connects the bricks together, it also connects people. The regulars I see commenting or liking posts makes it seem like a small community in itself. Even the regular people I’ve run into at the LEGO Store during various events like the Monthly Mini Builds is pretty cool too. To the Fashion Valley LEGO Store employees, thanks for your guys’ support with the word of mouth advertisement. You guys are awesome.

What’s in store for year number four? I’m just going to continue what I’ve been doing the past couple of years. I’ll keep churning out LEGO news articles as they become available as well as doing reviews (if I have time to). I do like building sets and taking pictures for the reviews but it’s very time consuming and to do a whole write up on it after that sometimes can take a few days. You may ask, why not do video reviews? There’s a whole LEGO community who does videos already and I think they’ve got that covered pretty well. Besides, it’s not my style. I do like writing things more.

As always, I do like suggestions and feedback about the site and you can contact me if you think there’s something you would like to see. I did make a ninja change recently to the background image. It’s a little more transparent than what the original image was. Some may have noticed, some may not but I think it’s a little more easier on the eyes and it puts more focus on the content in the middle.

You can also find The Brick Fan on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram. I’m pretty active on all the social networks and you can usually see me replying to comments and messages.

I think that’s about it for this post. Again, thanks everyone for following the site and let’s try to make it to year number four on a high note. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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