According to Bloomberg, The LEGO Group has recently became the world’s most valuable toy manufacturer overtaking Mattel and has created three new billionaires in the process. Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen’s three children has a combined “37% economic interest in the company valued at more than $5.3 billion.” The company itself, which is valued $14.6 billion, saw an increase in their sales in 2012 reaching 23.4 billion Danish kroner ($4.04 billion).

Gerrick Johnson from BMO Capital states that LEGO is “the world’s biggest toymaker in terms of net income, operating income and Ebitda” with a 71% growth margin. I’m no economist but a 71% growth margin sounds pretty good. Johnson values the company to be at about $15 billion but could be worth at much as $17 billion if he had used the variables that was used to value Mattel.

With the strong push from 2012 to 2013, it doesn’t seem that LEGO will be slowing down anytime soon especially with some new themes such as The Lone Ranger releasing next month and the Man of Steel sets in the summer. As a fan, you can expect us to help with LEGO’s sales by purchasing the sets when they come out and hopefully The LEGO Group can keep it’s title of the world’s most valuable toy manufacturer.